Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Z-Boy Kickstarter

If you like zombies, 90’s cartoons, and dark humor, then you’ll love Z-Boy: Tales of a Teenage Zombie.

Boston animator, Zoë Abbett, has launched a Kickstarter to fund this series that will premiere on YouTube. Z-Boy follows the story of Drake, an unlucky youth who was killed in a freak plumbing accident. Drake meets his assigned reaper, Cornelius, in purgatory, but is unable to pass to the afterlife because Cornelius lost his death papers. As a result, the two are banished from the underworld and must adapt to the world of the living, which is no easy task when you’re a walking, talking corpse with social problems!

Z-Boy is based off a senior film Zoë developed while attending Massart. The student film served as a pilot and left the story open for new adventures with Drake and his friends. The Z-Boy team is hoping to raise money on Kickstarter to fund a first season that will expand on the universe and add new characters, spooky stories, and many death jokes.

The Kickstarter campaign ends soon on April 3rd.

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