“We're doing good things, but we can do even better!” That’s why we’ve added the “Charity” page to the site! Below are Halloween/Horror themed charities that are doing great things for people. We encourage you to visit their sites, and see how you can support them!


'WEEN DREAM provides free Halloween costumes to children in need. Our volunteers believe every child should be able to dress up and participate in Halloween, regardless of his or her family’s ability to buy a costume. 

We collect donated costumes (both new and gently used) throughout the year. When we receive a costume, we put certain information about it into our system (size, gender, description, etc.). In August, we start reviewing ‘WEENSTER applications. Parents or guardians fill out a form that tells us the child’s age, size, and desired costume. We try to match ‘WEENSTERs with costumes we already have. If we don’t have a costume for a child, we add him or her to our ‘WEENSTER Pumpkin Patch so that someone will (hopefully) purchase the particular costume needed for that child. Whether through general costume donations or our ‘WEENSTER Pumpkin Patch, we try to get costumes to as many applicants as we can before Halloween. 

We accept costume applications from all over America and try to help as many kids get costumes as possible, no matter where they live.

Spirit of Children

Founded in 2006, Spirit of Children helps make hospitals less scary for kids and their families by providing fun during Halloween and funding all year long to Child Life Departments within children's hospitals.

Each year with the help of our vendor partners, Spirit sponsors and hosts Halloween celebrations in children's hospitals throughout the country. Members of the Spirit field team bring everything that's needed in order to have the best party possible from costumes to goody bags. Everything brought to the hospitals is donated by Spirit and our vendor partners. It's a remarkable event that touches thousands of pediatric patients and brings countless smiles and laughter to children who might otherwise miss out on the joy of Halloween.

Additionally, throughout each Halloween season all Spirit stores conduct in-store fundraising campaigns. Last year alone we collected $4.9 million cash and merchandise donations. We have raised over $16 million for over 130 children's hospitals since 2007. What makes this program so unique is that at the end of each season, every dollar, 100% of the money collected in our stores or donated by our loyal and passionate customers and vendor partners is given to the Child Life departments.

Spirit of Children chooses to partner with and support Child Life whose main function is to provide developmental, educational and therapeutic support for children undergoing medical treatment. Trained counselors help children and their families cope with the many stresses involved when a child is in the hospital. While each hospital is unique in their needs, the money we collect and donate to child life has been used to purchase such educational and entertainment items as; 

Laptop computer
iPods and iPads
Flat screen TVs
Medical education dolls
Equipment and toys designed specifically for children with physical challenges.

In addition to toys and equipment, money raised has been used for such things as;

Funding field trips
Adding staff to keep playrooms open longer and on weekends
Developing rehabilitative art programs
Weekly music therapy programs

If you're interested in supporting the Spirit of Children program donations are accepted in-stores from September 1 through November 1 and online all year round 24/7.

Scares That Care

"Scares That Care!" is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides money, toys and other items to help sick children. We have two other programs consisting of "Scares For Pairs," where we help women fighting breast cancer and partnered with horror icon Kane Hodder for the "I Helped Kane" program, where we provide assistance to those children who have suffered serious burn injuries.
We are a 100% VOLUNTEER organization in order to maximize our supporters donations to those who need it!

If you would like to promote your charity here, please contact HorrO at:
Twitter: @PromoteHorror



  1. Cool,fun charities!!!! Shared on 12 Facebook groups, and 4 Youtube horror podcasts. :) Thanks for letting people know about these!!! You Rock!!

    1. You rock as well! Thanks for sharing them. That's why we created this page!


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