Please help support these crowdfunding projects by clicking on the pics below. They all have great rewards if you make a pledge to their projects. If you have a crowdfunding project that you would like to have added to this page, please see the contact information below.


More coming soon!


More coming soon!

If you would like to promote your Kickstarter project here, please contact HorrO at:
Twitter: @PromoteHorror 


  1. "Investing/Funding In a Horror Does Not Have a To Be. A Scary Experience- Only a Your a Project Does(TM):
    See the future of independent development and financing of Horror!
    Www. HorrorEquityFund

  2. We need more sites like this, promotehorror! Truly awesome thing you are doing! My hat is off to you sir/ma'am.

  3. This site is a great place to promote projects :) like mine a Slasher movie mixed with a murder mystery Sins of Man Check us out !! Donate to the campaign and we'll make a kick ass flick for fans Around The World !!

  4. Crowd funding is scary and akward and all of these companies come out of the wood word after you're campaign starts and you have to money to spewnd asking for any where from $79 dollars to $499 dollars to help promote your campaign. which blows my mind. we're crowd funding to make the money to bribng our projects to life and most of us can't afford the promotional packages theses places offer.

    So even if our movies is a great idea, a passionate cast and crew chances are we're going to fail to reach our goal and then what ? just sometyhign to think about people .

    1. I hear you! That's why we try to do our part to help out here at

  5. Here is the kickstarter campaign link for my horror feature film. Please donate and share with your friends and family.


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