Artist Nathan Welch

About the artwork:
Highly elusive, dangerously creative. Diabolical Graphic Design. Screen printed posters inspired by film and music. Ink on paper. Logos, branding, and visual identity. Custom skateboard graphics. Disgusting, revolting, but genuinely arousing.

Here are examples of the artwork: 

Here is something about the artist from the artist himself, Monster Matt: 
"I'm a self taught artist. I want to share what moves me in horror through various mediums. I'm lucky enough to have captured an audience for what I do as an artist, whether it's viewing/using my sculpts on film, wearing my masks for parties or in haunted houses, framing my paintings and drawings, etc. I love communicating what I see and translating it into something in a new dimension. Even when a number of us tackles the same exact thing, it's so cool to see how we put our own stamp on it, making it ours."

Here are examples of the artwork:  

Glenn Strange as Frankenstein

Lon Chaney Jr. as The Wolfman

Arnold as The Terminator

Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi
Son of Frankenstein

The Pigman mask from the 2008 short film "The Pigman."

The Art of Chris Friend 

About the artwork:
Chris Friend has been publishing small press horror zines for two decades. He’s from the small rural community of West Union, West Virginia, and he creates magnificent, dark, and strange ink drawings. Influenced by the art of Giger, Beksinski, Miro, and Allen Koszowski, and the films of Clive Barker and David Cronenberg, his rounded, swirly, and sharp style of dark art is a wonder to behold. Take a good look at the works of Chris Friend’s unique imagination.

Here are examples of the artwork:



A Zombie Awakened

Sleeping Sick

Check out some of the awesome artwork by this up and coming artist:

Marvel Zombies Wolverine

Marvel Zombies Spiderman


Bruce Campbell Evil Dead

Here is something about the artist from the artist himself, Joshua Aden:
 “I am an artist, that mainly paints gore, bloody dis-membered body parts and zombies. But I'm always up to suggestions. I also work as a Veterinary tech full time, and a part time tattoo artist.”

Here are examples of the artwork: 


2001 Maniacs- Mayor Buckman 

Here’s Johnny

Here is a brief description of the art from the artist Richard Ewell: “I draw and paint the creatures of my imagination, Anything that comes across my brain splats out on to the material in front of me. I have been drawing as long as I can remember and decided I would put them out there to the world!”

Here are examples of the artwork:

Rodney Grossman 

Grim Reaper Bottle Cap Necklace 

Driller Killer Robot Bottle Cap Necklace

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