Friday, September 30, 2011

Blood Fare (Press Release)

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. – On September 27, 2011, J.A. Steel, the award winning female writer and director, announces the completion of the digital coloring of her fourth feature film “Blood Fare.” The up-and-coming colorist, Jeff Pantaleo, completed the digital coloring on the newly developed Scratch workflow at Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging (MPI). 

“Blood Fare” is a Civil War ghost story with a modern twist, by J.A. Steel and Co-Producer Christian K. Koch.  It is the tale of Corporal Henry Trout (S. Edward Meek - “Wild Stallion”), who in 1861 fought valiantly in a forgotten skirmish after the first battle of Bull Run.  150 years later, he will come face to face with his descendants as the battle for blood continues on a haunted battlefield.  Tyler (Brandi Lynn Anderson from the upcoming Syfy original series “ZEROS”) and her brother Chad (Adrian West), Henry's fifth generation grandchildren, will challenge the very legend of Charon the Ferryman, as the lines between the living and the dead become blurred.

Gil Gerard, internationally recognized for his lead role as Captain William ‘Buck’ Rogers in the science fiction movie and television series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”, plays the character of Professor Meade, mentor to the protagonist Tyler, in “Blood Fare”.  Gerard was recently seen in the Syfy original movie “Ghost Town”.  International action star, Kim Sonderholm, most recently seen in the newly released “Little Big Boy,” appears alongside Gerard as Professor Malick.

In addition to Gerard and Sonderholm, several other amazingly talented actresses and actors have joined the “Blood Fare” cast, including Michelle Wolff (“NCIS”, “Chicago Hope”, “ER”, and “Providence”), Savannah Ostler (“Vengeance”), Bridget McManus (“Wanted”), Scott Beringer (“Ocean’s Eleven” and “21”), Brenden Whitney, Alison Trouse, Thomas J. Post, Antonio Lexerot and April Knight.  Marcus Intheam, Salt Lake City star radio DJ of “Marcus in the Morning” on Z-ROCK 94.9 and “The Real L Word Live Lounge” host Natalie M. Garcia add live broadcast talent.

Chris Hanson, one of the most recognized special makeup effects artists of Hollywood, joined the crew of “Blood Fare” as Special Makeup Effects Supervisor.  He demonstrated his unique creativity in “Hellboy”, “Underworld”, “Men in Black”, “Men in Black 2”, “The Green Mile”, “The X-Files”, “The Faculty”, “Spawn” and many other productions. 

Steel rounds out her crew with Director of Photography Michael B. Call (“127 Hours”), Co-Producer Christian M. Koch, who has worked with Steel on her first 3 films, and Executive Producer Jessica M. Bair.

“Blood Fare” is a green, sustainable film production, and Eco/Sustainable Production Executive Micheline Birkhead was on set to ensure the project meets green certification requirements.

The “Blood Fare” trailer and poster:

About J.A. Steel:
Steel is a director, producer, actor, videographer, editor, fight choreographer and stunt person, in addition to writer and composer ... and even a distributor ... a unique woman in Hollywood.

“Blood Fare” is Steel's fourth feature film.  Her action horror shocker “Denizen”, her action supernatural thriller “Salvation”, and her action feature “The Third Society” reflect in many ways Steel's real life hobbies of Muay Thai kickboxing, cave diving, motorcycle riding, firearms and edged weapons.  All three movies are available on

Steel lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, preferring the peace of the mountains for her screen writing.

About Warrior Entertainment , Inc.
Warrior Entertainment , Inc., founded by J.A. Steel in 1993, is a music management and film production company that specializes in bringing A-list action to a B-movie budget.

Additional information on “Blood Fare”:
Twitter (>120,000 followers) 

Background information on Steel’s career:

Media Coverage of “Blood Fare”:

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Timeslip

"A business man crosses a busy city street ... and awakes trapped in another time. London is gone along with the buildings, cars and people; it has been replaced by a never-ending forest. The man wanders the wilderness alone, without food or shelter. Days pass and the man discovers he is not alone and that the forest holds dangers far worse than wolves."

The Timeslip premiered at the International Action on Film Festival in July and continues a worldwide festival run. Here is a schedule of festivals where you can view “The Timeslip”:

The Timeslip @ Geek Independent Film Festival  Alexandria, Indiana– 1:50pm
Sunday, October 9

The Timeslip @ Horror Quest Film Festival -  Atlanta, Georgia – 12:30pm  Saturday, October 22 – Cinefest film Theatre:

The Timeslip @ Angeleno Film Festival – Los Angeles, California – Fall 2011 (Watch this space for updates) :

The Timeslip @ Killer Film Fest – Somerville, Massachusetts – Sunday Nov. 6th 2:30pm – Film Block 11:

More Festivals will be added!

“The Timeslip” has already received positive reviews from:

"The Timeslip" is a Chance Encounters Production. Here is brief biography of the Chance Brothers:
Jonathan Chance is a Southern California-based British Writer /Director, Actor and Editor, Voice Over Artist and the other-half of Chance Encounters Productions.

Richard Chance is a Colchester, England based British Writer /Director, Actor and one half of Chance Encounters Productions.

Learn more about "The Timeslip," and Chance Encounters at:

Also find Jonathan Chance on:


Trailer Thursday: Getting you ready for the weekend!

Here are some trailers to get you ready for this weekend’s horror movie releases: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and Dreamhouse:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seizure (Night Walker Cinema)

After years of trying to convince his loved ones that he's not crazy, Jordy King has isolated himself. With only a phone number and answering machine to reach him, his family is gravely concerned he's stopped taking his medication. It's just a waiting game for Jordy but sometimes it's worse when you know what's coming...

Written and Directed by James Neff and Joseph Dean Martinez
Starring Brian Ardolino and Danica Deering

"Seizure" is a Night Walker Cinema Production

About Night Walker Cinema:

"Founded by James Neff and Joseph Dean Martinez in June 2011, Night Walker Cinema is an independent Horror movie studio dedicated to bringing smart, scary and thought provoking films to the screen.

After working together on another short film, James and Joseph discovered their mutual love of the horror genre. After many late-night discussions, they decided to join forces and start Night Walker Cinema.

Their taste in films may differ from time to time, but that difference has lent itself to fresh ideas that they wouldn't have come up with alone."

Check them out:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zombie Hunter (Webseries)

Zombie Hunter, a mockumentary on the various hunts of an incompetent but overly confident zombie hunter, follows Nathan Greene as he investigates infected areas, follows-up on some bizarre leads, and exploits products design to guarantee survival in this zombie crisis.

Season 1: Nathan Greene tries to get kills for the zombie hunting contest, but is overwhelmed with other obligations such as educating the public, resolving civilian issues, collecting accolades, and plugging his few sponsors. If things weren’t bad enough already, Billy Boone, an inbred redneck with an obsession with ruining Nathan’s day, has the nerve to barge in completely uninvited.

Starring: Cheryl Stell, Elvis Quintero, Jesse Quintero, Aaron Quintero, Jesse Dedman
Directed By: Jesse Dedman and Jennifer Hernandez

Written By: Jesse Dedman

This weekly webseries needs your help getting its marketing campaign off the ground. Please click the pic to support it before time runs out.

For more information:


Also find Zombie Hunter on:



Today's DVD Releases!

Here are some DVD releases for Sept 27:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Forest of Shadows

The dead still hate!

John Backman specializes in inexplicable phenomena. The weirder the better. So when he gets a letter from a terrified man describing an old log home with odd whisperings, shadows that come alive, and rooms that disappear, he can’t resist the call. But the violence only escalates as soon as John arrives in the remote Alaskan village of Shida. Something dreadful happened there. Something monstrous. The shadows are closing in…and they’re out for blood. 


“With Forest of Shadows debut novelist Hunter Shea combines ancient evil, old school horror and modern style. Highly recommended!”
--Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best-selling author of The Dragon Factory

“Hunter Shea is the real deal, folks! Forest of Shadows is a ghost story with attitude. Dark, intense and not afraid to get down and dirty; just the way I like them.”
--Gord Rollo, Author of Valley of the Scarecrow and Crimson

“Shea's Forest of Shadows delves deep into the unknown. A thrill-ride of a read!”
--Alexandra Holzer, author of Growing Up Haunted

Find the book on:

About the author:

"Hunter Shea is the product of a childhood weaned on The Night Stalker, The Twilight Zone and In Search Of. Luckily, he’s managed to make a love of all things ghostly and beastly into a career. He’s published several books and a slew of horror short stories over the years in magazines like Morpheus Tales, The Harrow, Tabard Inn, Deadline, & Ethereal Tales, just to name a few."

Check out Hunter on:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Forever People

The Forever People are a race of supernatural beings that walk the earth, neither alive nor dead, neither ghosts nor flesh. They are tortured souls with broken minds. Sebastian is one such being. And he's the world's most vicious serial killer.

But his murders are not senseless. He has a motive. He has a plan. And he will stop at nothing until his depraved purpose is fulfilled...

Come on now, you know you want to see that head regenerate so click the pic and support this film!

For more information, check out The Forever People film:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Year of the Dead: Swimsuit Edition

The Year of the Dead: Swimsuit Edition 2012. A 12 Month Calendar featuring the hottest girls to ever crawl from the grave!

The Year of the Dead: Swimsuit Edition 2012 Calendar is like none you have seen before. It features the sexiest, most grotesque dead girls to ever claw their way out of the grave and into your daily routine. Brought to you by a team of twisted minds including special effects artists, photographers, models and the biggest horror fans you could fathom, this calendar is set to make you cringe and drool all at the same time! So break down the wall that says dead things can't be sexy, because The Year of the Dead: Swimsuit Edition Calendar goes into production August 2011!

Get your hands on these girls before they get their hands on you!

Check out some behind the scenes pictures:

You can find more great pictures on their

Don’t forget to follow them on

And visit their website:

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Shining in Crimson: Empire of Blood Book One

Set in a post apocalyptic religiously-demented American Empire, the city of Las Vegas is no longer a city of sin. Now called Necropolis, it is a city that eats sin. The vampires of Necropolis wait patiently for the Empire's weekly drop off of guilty Penitents; sinners and criminals full of fresh blood.

Hank Evans is one of those Penitents and he would gladly let the vampires take every drop of his blood if it weren’t for one detail: Toby. Toby is Hank’s only son. Now, Hank must do whatever it takes to escape the city of the dead and save his son from an Empire as bloodthirsty as the vampires it uses to keep its people in line. 

"A big-scale vampire thriller that changes the rules."--Scott Nicholson, They Hunger


“Amazingly brilliant first novel. Absolutely loved it. The only suckage is having to wait for book two”

“I have to be fair. I read this book when it was still being developed and crafted. It was near completion but it was still a draft copy.

Thank being said I am really eager to read the completed work. The draft was of such amazing quality and work.

Let's put it this way. I don't much care for Vampire stories, but this story is so much more then blood sucking pretty boys that all the tweens swoon over. These are characters are real people, the vampires have a story to tell, and there are great intertwining plots in this story. I have already pre-ordered my copy of this book.

If am person who doesn't much care for vampire books can enjoy this, I am certain diehard fans of the genre will enjoy this as well. It is my opinion that you pre-order this one as well. When it arrives you will love it.”

“Loved this so much I am re-reading it again to make sure I did not miss a thing. For a first time novel Robert S. Wilson created a masterpiece. His weaving of story lines, creation of characters the the telling of back stories work wonderfully together culminated in a refreshingly new vampire story. This is one story I wanted to go on and on.

What impressed me was the new version of the vampire genre. After reading hundreds of stories of novels this is truly an original.

Brilliant work. Cannot wait for the next one.”

Read the first three chapters here: 

Now that you have read the first three chapters, go ahead and read the rest. You can find the book on:

You can even win a copy of the book:

Learn more about Robert S. Wilson and his novella “The Quiet” on:

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Monstermatt's Bad Monster Jokes Vol. 1 (Press Release)

Book publisher Pill Hill Press, is pleased to announce an official scheduled release for "Monstermatt's Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1", written by Monstermatt Patterson, illustrated by Kyle Kaczmarczyk, with an introduction by Joe Moe and an afterword by Pat Tantalo, for their non-fiction imprint, WestNeb Books.

WestNeb Books acquired the book from it's previous publisher, during a brief and successful run, with both critics and readers alike. Some changes have been made to the book, including some added content.

"Monstermatt's Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1" ISBN
978-1617060946 is a self described collection of over 400 bad jokes, rancid rhymes, putrid puns, and sophomoric song parodies, with illustrations, focused on horror films, monsters, sci-fi, superheroes, and some pop culture, for good measure.

According to Pill Hill Press and WestNeb Books editor Jessy Marie Roberts, September 21st, 2011 is the scheduled release for Volume 1. Just in time for Halloween! Volumes 2 and 3 are currently being written, with no release dates yet, for the follow up editions.

Monstermatt has written over one thousand bad monsterjokes, and this first volume gives you a sizeable introduction to the humor that resides within. The marriage of the jokes to Kyle Kaczmarczyk's insightful illustrations, are what has fans waiting for more!

What can readers expect?
Bad jokes like:

Does the 666 on Damien Thorne's scalp mean he's the Devil?

No, it's his "Credit Score"!

Why was The Wolfman mad at his H.M.O.?

They wouldn't pay for his "flea dip"!

Where does H.P. Lovecraft like to shop?

Bed, Bath & "From Beyond"!

What coffee drink does The Phantom of the Opera like?

La lalalalalala, latte!

Sophomoric song parody lyrics, like:

"My Zombie Valentine"


"Monsters in the Night"

And many, many, more...

According to duo, the book is acting as an introduction to the horror genre for newcomers, while entertaining those already familiar with it. Jokes and illustrations about Frankenstein and Dracula, to jokes about "The Manitou" and "Basket Case”, even "The Human Centipede”, are turning many a newcomer into a horror buff. The duo has heard feedback from readers that watched "Dead Snow”, and some other notable films, due to the book.

The jokes and song parodies have been used on horror podcasts like:

RueMorgue Radio
Screamwave Podcast
RottingFlesh Radio
Tomb TV with Tomb Dragomir

And more. This has helped to build a growing following of Maniacs (fans).

As the Emcee of Buffalo MonsterFest 2010,Monstermatt got a chance to field test his brand of humor-a mixture of Mad Magazine/Famous Monsters/Benny Hill/Borscht Belt Comedy, finding that what produced groans from the audience, felt delicious to him!
With Kaczmarczyk at the drawing pad, illustrating sight gags, he knew they had something "ghoul" going on, that could entertain, enlighten, and grow on the reader.

Some notable names, from the horror genre weigh in on the book:

"I wrote this blurb so Matt would stop the Pun-ishment."

-Rodrigo Gudino, Rue Morgue Magazine

"I tried very hard to find anything remotely amusing or anything that might induce at least a chuckle from this 'Joke Book' but was unsuccessful. In fact it actually 'scared' me how corny it is and that is hard to do to me! At least you have the guts. Congrats!"

-Tony Moran, The Original Michael Myers (Halloween, 1979)

"You can open any page of this book, read one line, and feel intense pain throughout your entire body. I’m in awe."

-Joe Bob Briggs, Drive-In Critic & Host of MonsterVision

Here's what the Monsters themselves, are saying about the book.

"Monstermatt's jokes are Good! Bad Good!

--Frankenstein's Monster

"Monstermatt's jokes are a pain in the neck!”


Kyle Kaczmarczyk's illustrations had me howling!!

--The Wolfman

"As soon as we opened the book, we knew we'd have a double headache"!

--The Thing with Two Heads

Critics also had something to say about the book:
“I laughed, I groaned, I shook my head in disbelief! I highly recommend this book!”

The Monster Librarian

“The book is purely enjoyable."

Sonar 4 Landing Dock Reviews.

“You’ll go back to the beginning and start reading it again! A very enjoyable read by two rising stars!”

"Monstermatt delivers countless yuk-yuk monster jokes, while bringing horror goodies (and music), through the grue."

The Horror Fiction Review

A perfect book for the Halloween season, Monster lover, horror curious and more!
The book will be available at major online book retailers. For more information, and updates, or to keep up with Kyle, Monstermatt and PillHillPress, follow them on Twitter at: 

Good news, the book is now available on:

Listen to this great radio ad:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Dealer of Insatiable Needs: A Horror Short Story

From the author of DEAD OF WINTER comes this supernatural horror short story.

In “The Dealer of Insatiable Needs” it is the near future. A new American government has banned all vices, including alcohol, cigarettes, and porn. On the front line of the nation’s War on Drugs, undercover vice cop Alex Decker walks a thin line between upholding the law and battling his own addictions. He'll do just about anything to feed the beast within. Entering the shadowy underworld of L.A., Decker searches for a legendary dealer who can fulfill anyone’s needs. But every vice has a terrifying price.

“One of the best short stories I have read in a long time.” Digital Macabre

Brian Moreland is also the author of the supernatural World War II novel SHADOWS IN THE MIST, the horror detective mystery DEAD OF WINTER, and several creepy short stories.


"Sure you would if you were addicted to heroin and this part of you body contained the only vein left, or opium or booze or cigarettes, in their fashion, and the means of getting them into you. So in another addiction story Brian Moreland says you wake up at 4 in the morning reach for that one last cigarette and find it gone. In a sweaty panic you discover a monster beside your bed and quite a monster it is. It smiles at you and opens its mouth wide. Any sane being would run away, but this might be your last chance for a great smoke, so hop in. Start with page one. This is a serious disturbing story about those little things meant to give us a breather from reality until they take us over."

Find “The Dealer of Insatiable Needs” on:

Check out Brian’s website for updates on his new novel “Dead on Winter,” which is can be ordered NOW!

Also, find Brian on:

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