Tales of mystery, suspense, murder, macabre! Like a shot of lightning from your headphones directly to your brain pan for your auditory pleasure! Experience the horror and terror of Schlock Shock Radio! You can also find it on iTunes!

Two childhood friends sit down, have a drink, and discuss their passion Horror Movies! Joe and Sean dive into some of your favorite and not so favorite horror movies from yesterday and today.

Everyday frightening

Two Guys who love everything about the Horror genre. We talk current events as well as classics weekly. We also discuss rumors of upcoming horror flicks, shows, and books.

Tune in for a weekly dose of horror, sprayed across miles of celluloid and reams of pulp, from the Bastard Son of 1,000 Maniacs to the coke-addled scribbling of the greatest writer ever struck by a van (there was a witness who said it was black, and that the words WILD CHILD were written on the side).

The Dead as Hell Horror Podcast: Killing is our business, and business is good!

"Necronomicast was started in 2110 by Wayne Brekke and Tim Welch. Both big fans of horror, they wanted to create a podcast that had entertaining elements, interviews, and commentary. 

The show features interviews with actors, directors, stuntmen, and more in the horror genres from television to the silver screen."

"The Trash Video Podcast is set in an old fashioned "mom and pop" Video Store. Seth, Roxy, and Pimp discuss VHS movies, horror films, cult movies, pop culture, trashy tv, and so on. We're not one of those podcasts that think we're comedy genius, or that we have any valuable insights to offer the world. We're just fans of crappy movies, trashy tv, and weird news… who talk too much."

"The Grave Plot is a horror podcast hosted by SkeleTony and Taylor of Terror. They dig up fresh horror news, rumors, reviews, and more."

"The FearShop.com Horror Podcast is dedicated to reviewing horror movies without spoiling them so that you can make the decision on whether or not the horror movie, horror novel, horror comic series is worth wasting your time. Our insights into the horror community make a pretty entertaining show (hopefully)."

"Join Kevin and Steve as they discuss horror filmmaking, horror production, and the greatest love of all, slasher films!"

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