About the Site

How it began:

   A couple of years ago I started HorrO's Gory Reviews in order to express my opinion of horror movies. Not long after that I decided to put more of my ideas out there when I started The Dog Days in Zombieville. Then I had probably my best idea yet… PromoteHorror.comNow all three sites make up what I call: HorrO's House of Horror! 

And here's a little promo summing up everything about HorrO's House of Horror:

How it works:

  Our goal is to bring creators of horror and horror fans together. Creators of horror can promote their horror related work including books, films, blogs, websites, artwork, photography, stores, conventions, events, podcasts, press releases, IndieGoGO/Kickstarter campaigns, etc. There are two ways to promote here. One is to be a "featured promotion," in which a promotion is put together for you based on information you have supplied. Two is to be listed on one of the "featured pages." Once the promotion is done for you, we "Spread the Horror" through the use of sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and encourage you to do the same. To sum it up, if you want a promotion, all you have to do is ask!


  You can find PromoteHorror.com on Twitter, where we are more than happy to retweet anything horror related that you are promoting. You can also “Like” the PromoteHorror.com fan page, where you are free to share whatever you would like as long as it's horror related. Follow us on Instagram, and please share your pictures with us. You can also email us at Horro@PromoteHorror.com if you would like to further discuss a promotion. So what are you waiting for, contact us now so that I can start promoting for you today!


What are the requirements for being promoted? 
-The only real requirement is that the subject of the promotion has to be horror related. Of course, we have the right to make the final call on promoting something or not.

How much does it cost?
- So far promotions remain free. 

What is best way to contact you for a promotion? 
- Via e-mail at: HorrO@PromoteHorror.com

What do you need for the promotion? 
- The minimum should be a link to where we can find information about your work. However, the more information you submit the easier, and faster it is for us to promote you. Start with whatever you want included in the promotion, such as trailers, pics, names of people involved in the project, etc. 

How long is the promotion posted on the site? 
-A promotion stays on the main page usually for a day. It then gets pushed down as more promotions are added. They aren't deleted unless you request it be deleted. You should be able to find your promotion using the search section on the site, or by clicking on the month/year in which your promotion was posted. 

What else can you do for me once the promotion is posted? 
-We can always do another promotion for you as long as there is something new to add. For example, if you are promotion a movie, another promotion can be done promoting your latest trailer, or new releases pics from the movie. Remember your promotion is on the site, and free for you to tweet, and share. Also, we are happy to RT you anytime, and you can share your work on our Facebook page. 

Why is there a wait to be promoted? 
-To start there is usually a high demand for promotions. Promotions are usually done in the order received. Also, we try to give the promotions fair time on the main page to be seen by everyone. It would defeat the point to rush through the promotions. Again, if you need a promotion on a certain date, please feel free to ask and we will try to meet that deadline.

Can I share my work on your Facebook page? 
-Absolutely! Again, please remember it must be horror related. 


Check out this great "thank you" video we received...

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