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The Burlap Bears

"A well written short story of horror. The supernatural suspects are creepy to say the least. I felt as if I were a spectator in this tale of terror, cheering for Edwin to stay alive and to avoid death. I don't do spoilers so I won't say much more, but keep the lights on, check under the bed, anything is possible in Edwin's world! I recommend The Burlap Bears to those who love a great (scary) horror story!"

So what’s this well written story of horror about…

Edwin is questioned for a murder he didn't commit...his girlfriends. He stumbles upon a clue, which quickly escalates things--making Edwin not only the target suspect in his late girlfriends homicide case, but also targets him by the demented killers. 

With time against Edwin, he will need a savior to stop the supernatural killers from making him their next victim.

Don't wait... get your FREE copy from now until Feb. 4, 2015 at:

Shock Pop Comic Con: Friday the 13th Ultimate Fan Experience

Welcome to Shock Pop Comic Con we are a pop culture / anime / cosplay / comic con convention that is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We will be showcasing dozens of cosplay and costuming events over the course of the 3 day weekend. In addition, Shock Pop Comic Con always brings in a roster of guest creators and / or celebrities for attendees to meet. 

Shock Pop Comic Con has many amazing events lined up for fans over the course of 3 days. One of those events is the Friday the 13th Ultimate Fan Experience. This includes 1 autograph, and 1 group photo op with…

And more! Fans will also get a limited edition show exclusive poster by Electric Zombie, and preferred seating for both the Friday the 13th panel and the live performance of Ari Lehman’s First Jason.

Click here for more details about this event, and purchase your tickets!

Be there Feb. 13-15 at the Broward County Convention Center
Fort Lauderdale, FL

For more information about the convention, please visit

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!

Jeremy Berg's THE DEVICE

From Jeremy Berg, writer/director of Sader Ridge, aka The Invoking comes THE DEVICE (2014)available from today (rent/download) at http://www.TheHorrorShow.TV

Official Synopsis 
Sisters Abby and Rebecca make a horrifying discovery when they find a harmless looking object in the woods near their family's cabin. The small black sphere is the key to a shocking mystery that will change the course of human destiny.

T H E   H O R R O R   S H O W  .  T V

The UK Home of Horror On Demand

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Geekfest Film Fest: The Posthuman Project

We are the 1st and only traveling geek genre film festival in the world created by geek filmmakers, for geek filmmakers and programmed at Comic Cons across the country and eventually the WORLD!

GeekFest Film Fests program features, documentaries, shorts, web series, trailers, and music videos with the goal of getting filmmakers the audiences that will appreciate their film. We have submissions periods throughout the year and accept Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural, Superhero, Gaming, Cosplay, Fan Films, Fandom related and Pop Culture related content from across the globe.

Geekfest Film Fest is coming to Shock Pop Comic Con Feb. 14-15!

Here is a look at one of the awesome films that they will be showing at the convention…

Denny Burke is finally about to graduate high school. Senior year has been one bad thing after another: a broken leg, a broken heart, and — worst of all — a broken home.With four of his closest friends, Denny goes on one last rock-climbing trip to prove he’s ready to start his adult life… On their trip the five teens receive a genetic boost beyond anything they’d ever imagined. Denny’s soon faced with the first big decision of his adult life: does he give up these powers and stay a normal teenager, or does he keep them…and graduate from the human race?

Starring: Kyle Whalen, Lindsay Sawyer, Josh Bonzie, Alex Harris, Collin Place, Rett Terrell, and Jason Leyva

Directed by: Kyle Roberts

Written by: Sterling Gates,  and Matt Price

Click here to get your tickets to the GeekFest Film Fest at Shock Pop Comic Con, and your chance to see this film!

For more information about this film, please visit:

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!

For more information about GeekFest Film Fest, please visit:

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!

Somethings Rotten in the State of Denmark - Fresh "Escaping the Dead" Trailer Plus "Harvest" Poster

It's been a while since the trailer for Danish zombie apocalypse "Escaping the Dead" was shown to the world. The production has been on a hiatus, but the team behind it has definately not been laying on the low nor stood still.

A new trailer has been released, featuring a cameo by none other than Mr. Troma, indie guru Lloyd Kaufman:

"Escaping the Dead" is inspired by a series of articles about the deathdrug "Krokodil" that was published about the same period of time when Ronald Poppo had his face eaten by a naked man hooked on bathsalt in Miami. It is the perfect zombie plot: a deathdrug that turns people into zombies.

The film has its starting point in a typical day for the lead character, David. David is the local marihuana pusher, but he is the kind of dealer that smokes more than he sells. In the meantime the country has been hit by a new deathdrug and when David and his partner in crime Ahmir is offered some exceptionally cheap cocaine they see it as an opportunity to earn big money at the big techno concert the following Friday, but the cocaine turns out to have a terrible side effect that creates a giant zombie outbreak that spreads across the entire Copenhagen. In the film we follow David and his bloody fight out of the city.

Directed by Martin Sonntag and Bastian Brinch Pedersen, the film stars Bastian Brinch Pedersen (who is also the co-director and producer of the film) as David, Rama Øzel as Ahmir, along with Dorte Rømer ("Breaking the Waves") and Kim Sønderholm ("Cannibal Fog", "Run", "House of Many Sorrows") playing Lars the policeman. Recently Lone Fleming, legendary horror actress from the "Blind Dead" series and Danish origin joined the cast to play Davids mother. 

Since meeting on "Escaping the Dead" in late 2013, Sonntag and Brinch Pedersen have teamed up with Sønderholm to do the short horror film "Harvest" (Original Danish title "Høsten"). This film is now finished and will be available to the world via film festivals and the likes in the near future.

"House of Worship" Filming on Feb. 13th

About the film:

“House of Worship” is the prequel to the feature SPOOK HOUSE.

This traces the main character Scott aka “Spook” House to when he was a pastor in the year 1999.

A pastor listens to the devil on his shoulder and kills his congregation with poison, as he ushers in a new world order.

Want to be in their upcoming short film?

"House of Worship" (a short horror film) is shooting on Friday the 13th of February 2015, and is looking for extras.

They are shooting at the historic Whimsic Alley on Wilshire in LA.

And for those who aren’t in LA…
They would love for you to film a home-made video (can be done on your phone), about 30 seconds or less, wearing 90s gear (no white clothes, no clothes with copy written images, logos or bands).

Wish everyone a Happy New Year 2000. This can include your “fears” of Y2K and that everyone needs to simply trust the Lord to help overcome your fears of the futures.

Remember to include in each video:

Wish Reverend House a Happy New Year with his new church.

Tell people they need to get right with the Lord as the world could end at any minute.

Be original. Be REAL!

Don't hold the camera in your hands. If you have a tri-pod, that would be best, or have someone with steady hands hold the camera.

Please send your videos to by using the website (.) on or before Friday, February the 13th.

Please download the appropriate Appearance Release and email or fax. If you email, send to (.) If you fax, send to 213-232-7778.

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing what you make! Remember, it will most likely appear in our short film "House of Worship." Plus, "House of Worship" will also appear in "Spook House."

For complete details, please visit:

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!

The 2015 Salt City Horror Fest - 35mm Film Festival in Syracuse, NY 4/18/15

2015 SALT CITY HORROR FEST - Eight Films including:

CLOCKWORK ORANGE - Introduction by local/ national comedian Alex Bidwell
POLTERGEIST - Introduction Q/A Actor Martin Casella (Marty from Poltergeist)
DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS - (rare TECHNICOLOR 35mm print) with Introduction Q/A by Doctor Who Class Professor Anthony Rotolo
SPIDER BABY - (35mm Print courtesy of/ Preserved by the Academy Film Archive and Director Jack Hill)

ALL 35MM PRINTS (plus a digital screening to "The CHUNKBLOW" - our annual local horror short screening)!

The Palace Theatre
2384 James Street
Syracuse, NY 13206

Saturday April 18th, 2015

Age restricted to over 15 unless accompanied by parent or legal guardian.
$20 in advance / $25 at the door
Click below for Advance sale tickets:

Facebook Link:

Graveyard Fresh:

BIO Alex Bidwell has been performing across America since 2007. He currently resides in Los Angeles when he has money, and Syracuse when he is broke.

Doors open at 11am
3:50pm - POLTERGEIST -
Introduction/ Q/A by Actor Martin Casella (Schedule Permitting) 
5:30pm - DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS - Rare TECHNICOLR print. Special guest/ Introduction/ Q/A by Professor Anthony Rotolo: Dr. Who Class Syracuse University. (
6:45pm - Dinner Break 
7:30pm - Comedian Alex Bidwell
(Sponsored by Apocalypse Promotions )
10:00pm - THE CHUNKBLOW (Rochester Horror Short)
10:15pm - SPIDER BABY (35mm Print courtesy of/ Preserved by the Academy Film Archive and Dir. Jack Hill)
11:40pm – CREEPSHOW
1:00am - DEMONS 2

$25 at the door / $20 in Advance 
$20 advance sale tickets on sale now via the Internet


Why call it the Salt City Horror Fest? 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shock Pop Comic Con: Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Ultimate Fan Experience

Welcome to Shock Pop Comic Con we are a pop culture / anime / cosplay / comic con convention that is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We will be showcasing dozens of cosplay and costuming events over the course of the 3 day weekend. In addition, Shock Pop Comic Con always brings in a roster of guest creators and / or celebrities for attendees to meet. 

Shock Pop Comic Con has many amazing events lined up for fans over the course of 3 days. One of those events is the Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Ultimate Fan Experience. This includes an autograph, and exclusive Nightmare Reunion Photo Op with…

Fans will also get 1 show exclusive Electric Zombie poster, and preferred seating at the first ever Nightmare on Elm Street 2 panel. Don't miss this event NOES fans!

Click here for more details about this event, and purchase your tickets!

Be there Feb. 13-15 at the Broward County Convention Center
Fort Lauderdale, FL

For more information about the convention, please visit:

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!

Special Medicine

"This book had me gripped from page one. Characters are well written and in depth research has been done, a twisted, gory but compelling read, I couldn't put it down."

"This book it was fantastic and was full of surprises cannot wait to read the next one"

Phillip Drew has secrets… the trouble is, he doesn’t know what they are. 

Phillip Drew has it all. 
He’s living the dream, with a great car, a smart house, a fantastic job and a wonderful girlfriend whom he plans to marry. 
Then, one day, he hears a voice in his head. It compels him to do bad things. Pretty soon, all the good things are forgotten and the voice is his only friend, whispering lies and filling his head with violent thoughts. That’s when it all starts to go catastrophically wrong. 
The dreams come, like postcards from his subconscious. At first, Phillip struggles to understand them, but soon their meanings become clear. His personality undergoes a change and he gradually recognizes and, ultimately, remembers who he is: who he has always been. 
He doesn’t want to be called Phillip anymore. That’s not who he is. He knows that he was the subject of an experiment several years ago and decides to put right the years of lies and deceit. 
He knows who’s to blame; he knows who’s responsible, and he’s going to finish him… just as soon as he ties up the other fragments of his fake existence. 

Don't wait... get your copy today at:

About the author:

Mark Weir lives on the South coast, near Portsmouth, with his artist wife and two grown up kids. He started writing seriously in 2010, when he decided that he wanted to realise a long-standing ambition to be a published writer. Fast forward four years and that dream is a reality. With two books already released and a follow up to the first Randall Crane novel, entitled Randall Crane and the Catacombs of Paris, in the pipeline, 2015 looks to be a busy year for Mark. 

For more information, please visit:

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!

New book launch from Jack Wallen

For those about to rot, I salute you!

You’re listening to WZMB, Zombie Radio, your personal soundtrack ... to the end of the world.

The Zombie Radio DJ is back and this time he’s got the power of metal on his side. Joined by the

Milwaukee metal band, 40ozFist, the DJ fights his way through zombies, snipers, stalking fans,

and maybe, just maybe ... a new love interest.

Tune in, turn it up, and survive the apocalypse.

Jack Wallen is a seeker of truth and a writer of words. Although he resides in the unlikely city of Louisville, Kentucky, he likes to think of himself more as an interplanetary soul … or so he tells the reflection in the mirror.

If you haven't discovered that which is Zombie Radio, check out the weekly podcast that spawned this I Zombie spinoff series.

To learn more about Jack, visit his website, Get Jack'd or follow him on Facebook.

The Dark Shack

Melany is kidnapped by two criminals who hold her captive at a shack deep in the forest. While at the shack Melany and her captors are menaced by a demonic entity. Marc and his friends must confront the dangerous entity and Melany's captors in order to save her life.

Starring: Amanda Lynn Petrin, Matt Connors, Daniel Leclerc, Otto Szabo, Ash Andre Fidelia, Alexandra Doucet and Vanessa Lynn Rancourt

Written and directed: by Jessy Dupont

The movie was shot in Quebec, Canada near Quebec city

For more information, please follow the film on Twitter, and “Like” its Facebook page!

FrightFest Unveils Glasgow Film Festival Line-Up

Film4 FrightFest celebrates 10th year at Glasgow Film Festival with three World, two European and six UK premiere attractions

Kicking off with a special screening on Thurs 26 Feb and hosting eleven films on Fri Feb 27 and Sat 28 Feb, the UK’s favourite horror fantasy festival celebrates ten ‘gore-ious’ years at its second home at the Glasgow Film Festival with an all-exclusive slate of the freshest new horror films around. 

The shocktacular line-up starts on Thurs 26 Feb in sumptuous Hammer-style with the UK premiere of the Edgar Allan Poe based ELIZA GRAVES featuring an all-star Hollywood cast, including Kate Beckinsale, Ben Kingsley, Jim Sturgess and Michael Caine.

Friday’s fearsome line-up kicks off with the European premiere of THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, the paranormal activity shockumentary of the year, written and directed by Chris Sparling, who wrote ‘Buried’. This is followed by the World Premiere of THE HOARDER, starring an on-form Mischa Barton who uncovers the worst horrors in the dank depths of a storage unit facility. Next up is the riotous WYRMWOOD, the zombie black comedy full of catastrophic carnage and over-the-top splatter. From Australian brothers Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner, it’s the deadpan bloodbath everybody is talking about. The 9pmslot goes to 88, a glorious, gory and fast-paced homage to cult exploitation revenge thrillers. This is the World Premiere for April Mullen’s most graphic film to date, starring American Mary herself, Katharine Isabelle. Rounding off the evening in terrifying style is the European Premiere of THE ASYLUM (BACKMASK) – in which Marcus Nispel, director of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and ‘Friday The 13th’ remakes. takes us through a rampant landscape of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll possession.

Getting the Saturday programme off to a nerve-jangling start is the UK premiere of the much anticipated and very disturbing CLOWN, produced by Eli Roth.  This is followed by FrightFest’s popular retrospective slot which this year is Mario Bava’s BLOOD AND BLACK LACE, one of the most influential genre movies of all time. Next up is the World Premiere of THE WOODS MOVIE – a behind-the-scenes exclusive reveal to everything you ever needed to know about how ‘The Blair Witch Project’ was produced, shot and marketed to become a groundbreaking blockbusting classic. This has been directed, edited and scripted by Russell Gomm, who is a long-serving member of the FrightFest TV crew.

Saturday evening unfolds in gut-wrenching style. Mo Hayder is one of Britain’s most acclaimed crime authors, but it took the Flemish Film Industry to turn her bestseller THE TREATMENT into a smash Euro success and FrightFest is pleased to present the UK Premiere of this harrowing serial killer thriller. This is followed by a real treat…FrightFest unleashed the Spanish sensation [REC] onto unsuspecting audiences in Glasgow 2008 and  the organisers are delighted to host the UK Premiere of Jaume Balagueró’s [REC]: APOCALYPSE, the shattering visceral conclusion to the global horror phenomenon. And to end the FrightFest carnival of carnage is the UK premiere of the creepy, brain-freezingTHERE ARE MONSTERS, an instant cult classic and one of the scariest ‘under the radar’ movies of the year.
Alan Jones, co-director, said today: It’s been a decade of the decayed. The Glasgow Film Festival has been an instrumental part of FrightFest’s ever-increasing success story in becoming the UK’s leading horror fantasy brand and we wanted to do something extra special to celebrate our prestigious tenth milestone. So it was important to us to showcase a whole range of brand new titles, many of which will not have entered the genre conscious yet, and have never been seen on UK shores before. Because our Scottish audiences have always admired FrightFest for its cutting edge quirkiness, and our 2015 line-up reflects that approach to the horror hilt". 
With special guests, surprises on screen and off, new short films showcase surprises and the festival’s unique community feeling, FrightFest at GFF has now become a must-attend occasion on the horror fantasy fan's calendar.

The festival’s guest line-up will be announced shortly.

To book tickets:

Please note that FrightFest passes go on sale Thurs 22 from 10am. Price: £70. This covers all films on 27 & 28 Feb only.
Tickets for ‘Eliza Graves’ and the Fri/Sat films will go on sale Mon 26 Jan from 10am. Prices: £9, £7 (concession)

Programme details

THURS 26 FEB – GFT Screen 2

21:00 ELIZA GRAVES (UK Premiere)
Synopsis: When young Doctor Edward Newgate (Jim Sturgess) arrives at Stonehearst Asylum in search of an apprenticeship he is warmly welcomed by superintendent Doctor Lamb (Ben Kingsley). At first, intrigued by Lamb’s modern methods of treating the insane, a series of events and warnings from the stunningly beautiful Eliza Graves (Kate Beckinsale) lead him to make a shocking discovery. It’s a revelation that exposes Lamb’s medical utopia and pushes Edward to the limits of his conscience. Nobody is who or what they appear to be. Based on the Edgar Allan Poe story ‘The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether’.

Director: Brad Anderson  Screenwriter: Joe Gangemi 112 mins USA 2014 
Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Ben Kingsley, Jim Sturgess, Michael Caine

FRI 27 FEB – GFT Screen 1

13:00: THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE (European Premiere)

Synopsis: Dr. Henry West (William Mapother) founded The Atticus Institute in the 1970s to study telekinesis, clairvoyance E.S.P. and other unexplained psi-related phenomena. Thousands of subjects were tested using scientific methods many of whom showed abilities defying explanation by known physical laws. But just after West published the promising results of their research work, the small facility was mysteriously shut down in November 1976 by a concerned US Government. The reason? They met Judith Winstead (Rya Kihlstedt) whose supernatural abilities tested far beyond anything ever before witnessed.

Director: Chris Sparling Writer: Chris Sparling 92 mins  USA 2015
Cast: William Mapother, Rya Kihlstedt, Rob Kerkovich

16:00 THE HOARDER (World Premiere)

Synopsis: When Ella (Mischa Barton) discovers her Wall Street banker boyfriend is renting a secret storage unit, she suspects he’s using it to hide an affair. Enlisting the help of her best friend Molly (Emily Atack) she breaks into the facility only to discover something more terrifying instead. Now trapped in a darkened building with a group of neurotic strangers who start disappearing one by one, Ella soon uncovers even worse horror in the dank depths. Her life or death battle to escape eternal enslavement is about to begin….

Director: Matt Winn  Screenwriters: James Handel, Matt Winn, Chris Denne  84 mins  UK 2015
Cast: Mischa Barton, Robert Knepper, Charlotte Salt

18:30 WYRMWOOD  (UK Premiere)

Synopsis: A post-apocalyptic zombie invasion, caused by a wayward comet, turns personal for Barry, an Oz mechanic (Jay Gallagher) when his sister Brooke (Bianca Bradey) is abducted by a sinister team of gas-masked soldiers for flesh-eating experiments by a mad scientist. Sporting MAD MAX-style designs, a glorious sense of humour, energetic execution, new and outrageous zombie lore and KC and the Sunshine Band, this super-fresh spin on a favourite genre is a raucous riot of black comedy, catastrophic carnage and over-the-top splatter.

Director: Kiah Roache-Turner  Screenwriters: Kiah Roache-Turner, Tristan Roache-Turner
98 mins  Australia 2014
Cast: Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill 

21:00 88 (World Premiere)

Synopsis: Gwen (Katharine Isabelle) arrives disheveled at a mysterious roadside diner. But who is she really because she has no idea where she is or how she got there in such an anguished state. Split between two timelines, Gwen gets taken on a violence-fuelled journey into death and destruction and becomes the most wanted woman in Tennessee seeking out the person responsible for her lover's murder.

Director: April Mullen  Screenwriters: Tom Doiron, April Mullen 88 mins  Canada 2015
Cast: Katharine Isabelle, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Ironside

23:15 THE ASYLUM (BACKMASK) (European Premiere)

Synopsis: Six teens throw a party in a rundown building and find a vintage record. Talk turns to ‘backmasking’ - subliminal messages recorded onto a music groove heard only when the track is played backwards – and they play the vinyl for a giggle. Soon a seemingly malevolent entity has infiltrated the group, wreaking havoc. However the spirit is actually trying to convey a message and the real source of horror is something - or someone - much closer to home.

Director: Marcus Nispel  Screenwriters, Marcus Nispel, Kirsten Elms 90 mins  USA 2015
Cast: Stephen Lang, Brett Dier, Brittany Curran

SAT 28 FEB – GFT Screen 1

11.00 CLOWN (UK Premiere)

Synopsis: When the entertainer hired for his son’s sixth birthday party is a no-show, doting father Kent dons a clown outfit himself. But after the festivities, he finds he can’t take it off – the bulbous nose is stuck to his face, the frizzy wig glued to his hair and the make-up permanently etched on his features. Too late he learns the costume is the skin of an ancient demon and his family must race to break the curse before the transformation into a homicidal killer with outsize shoes is complete.

Director: John Watts Screenwriters: Christopher D. Ford, John Watts 102 mins  USA / Canada 2014
Cast: Peter Stormare, Eli Roth, Laura Allen

13:30 BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (Retrospective Premiere)

Synopsis: Six models at Contessa Cristina Como’s chic Rome fashion house are tortured and violently murdered by a ghost-like masked psychopath for a telltale diary containing incriminating scandal. A chiller way ahead of its time and considered the main evolutionary starting point for the entire giallo genre that would inspire Dario Argento, this key masterpiece of menace is presented here in all its restored glory.

Director: Mario Bava  Screenwriters: Mario Bava, Giuseppe Barilla, Marcello Fondato 88 mins  Italy 1964 (Subtitled)
Cast: Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok, Lea Lander

16:00 THE WOODS MOVIE  (World Premiere)

Synopsis: In October 1997, a group of filmmakers ventured into the Maryland woods to produce a low budget independent horror movie. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT would become a global phenomenon and began the ‘found footage’ genre that remains a potent force today. Now for the first time you can see how that record-breaking groundbreaker came into being. From never-before-seen recordings of pre-production meetings, audition tapes and test footage to the actual shooting, first preview screenings and marketing at the Sundance Film Festival, all the key personnel guide you through the discussions and decisions that minted a shock sensation classic.  

Director: Russell Gomm  Screenwriter: Russell Gomm  84 mins  USA 2015
Cast: Edward Sanchez, Daniel Myrick, Gregg Hale


Synopsis: Nordic Noir turns frighteningly Flemish in Belgium’s top-grossing film of 2014 based on the serial-killer chiller by acclaimed British author Mo Hayder. Inspector Nick Cafmeyer (Geert Van Rampelberg) is haunted by the unsolved disappearance of his younger brother. A known sex offender was questioned but quickly released who now takes fiendish pleasure in tormenting Nick. Now another similar case comes to disturbing light involving a missing juvenile and Nick’s real nightmare begins…

Director: Hans Herbots  Screenwriters: Mo Hayder, Carl Joos 125 mins  Belgium 2014 (Subtitled)
Cast: Geert Van Rampelberg, Ina Geerts, Johan van Assche

21:30 [REC]: APOCALYPSE (UK Premiere)

Synopsis: Picking up the intense action immediately after [REC] 2 - expanding on the mythos from all three predecessors, plus referencing cult genre classics - TV reporter Ángela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) is extracted from the cursed apartment building and taken to a high-security quarantine facility aboard an oil tanker. There, in the bowels of the dark and desolate ship, Dr. Ricarte (Héctor Colomé) is experimenting with the infectious virus to find a cure before another living dead outbreak occurs. 

Director: Jaume Balagueró  Screenwriters: Jaume Balagueró and Manu Diez  Spain 2014  96 mins
Cast: Manuela Velasco, Paco Manzenado, Héctor Colomé

23:30 THERE ARE MONSTERS (UK Premiere)

Synopsis: Monsters are taking over the world, slowly, quietly and efficiently, but you won’t see them coming until it’s far too late! Four film students embark on a road trip to obtain promotional interviews for their college. However en route they witness a series of odd events, strange behaviour, shocking actions and what seems to be surplus of twins. Their well-ordered universe literally changes before their camera lenses uncovering a terrifying secret lurking just under the seemingly calm urban landscape. 

Director: Jay Dahl  Screenwriter: Jay Dahl  Canada 2014  96 mins
Cast: Matthew Amyotte, Jason Daley, Michael Ray Fox

For further information:

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