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6 Dana 66 Godina

Sasha Milosevic is a wealthy young businessman form L.A. who receives an inheritance from his homeland of Serbia, following his grandfather’s death. Unwillingly he decides to go back to the Country after 18 years of separation and cut all the ties with it where he decides to buy a derelict house in the woods and convert it into a holiday resort, only to find out that the estate was used by the Nazi soldiers to perpetuate tortures and murders during WWII.

Sasha eventually stumbles into stories of ghosts and eventually meets JASMINA, an old childhood friend: she wants Sasha to ditch the idea of buying the house in the woods, telling him more terrifying ghost stories linked to it.

All the tales bring back unresolved issues for Sasha: his tragic past comes back to haunt him. Moreover the killings only occur every 6 years on the 6th of June and last for 6 full days: “6 DANA, 66 GODINA” (in Serbian: 6 days, 66 years).

He will discover Satanic rituals, evil forces and strange twists of fate. All happening over 6 days, 66 years after the first ever killing in the woods…

Starring: Bobby Rhodes, and Milorad Kapor

Directed and written by: Alex Madia Levi

Please click the pic and help them bring this movie to horror fans!

There are plenty of awesome perks available in return for your pledge to this project. Here are just a few of them:

-An official copy of the film
-Autographed pictures from Bobby and Milorad
-An invitation to the UK premiere
-Get mentioned as producer in the film's credit

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New novel - Corpses Say the Darndest Things

It was a simple job, babysitting really; keep surveillance on the minister's wife until she went safely to bed.  Then all hell broke loose!  Igor Award-winning writer Doug Lamoreux, author of Dracula's Demeter, The Melting Dead, and The Devil's Bed, brings you his newest journey into mystery/terror fiction, Corpses Say the Darndest Things.

The death of Katherine Delp, wife of Chicago's most beloved televangelist is only the beginning.  Someone is homiciding their way through the congregation of the Temple of Majesty Church and, thanks to his eager and awkward young secretary, private eye Nod Blake, an aging throwback to a by-gone era of detecting on the mean streets (a dinosaur that hasn't got the memo that he is extinct who, yeah, sometimes thinks he's Bogart, George Raft, and Lee Marvin rolled into one), has been dumped in the middle of it all.  Not just dumped, but tossed on his head.  The resulting injuries have, somehow, opened the door to the here-after.  Dead people, Blake believes, are talking to him.  Are the victim's really begging the last gumshoe for help from the other side of the grave?  Is he hallucinating?  Or has he lost his friggin' mind?  When his nemesis, police Detective Lieutenant Wenders finds evidence that Blake is the murderer, the private dick's life becomes a great big soup sandwich.

Corpses Say the Darndest Things, a paranormal murder mystery (with a sly sense of humor) set in 1979 Chicago, where a maniacal killer on the loose in The Windy City... is the good news.

My new novel, The Melting Dead, now in paperback and Kindle edition...

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A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven is now live on YouTube

Los Angeles, Ca. November 20, 2013 – The short, experimental horror films A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven is now live on YouTube:

A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven was an Official Selection of the 2012 AOF International Film Festival and the 2013 A Nightmare to Remember International Horror Film Festival. Written, directed, produced, and edited by Maureen “Mo” Whelan, music by Alon Kaplan. Starring Andy Gates who’s recent appearances include Grimm, Got Home Alive, Hostage Do or Die, The Young and the Restless, Gemini Rising and Overly Attached Andy. Both are currently producing and starring in the Probell Films feature film The Divine Order.

Mo Whelan combined her childhood religious Catholic upbringing, along with her love for horror films into a dark, poetic tale about a man who breaks all the Ten Commandments in one day.  Shot in a day, this short experimental film uniquely teaches the Ten Commandments within six minutes.

A Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven will also be available on DVD by Last Doorway Productions as part of a short horror film compilation on A Nightmare to Remember Volume One. 

For more details regarding the film please visit the IMDB page at, for more details Maureen “Mo” Whelan, please visit her blog at or her YouTube channel at

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TOKsgiving Takeover

Looking for some horror on Thanksgiving? Well take part of this event right here…

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Hail to the Deadites

Hail to the Deadites, an Evil Dead fans documentary!

The fact that you are here probably means that you are, like me, a fan of The Evil Dead series. That you probably are, like me, collecting Evil Dead films, action figures, posters, t-shits, memorabilia and whatnot. This, as you most certainly know, makes you a Deadites. Now turn around and look at your collection. You've been doing it for what? A year? Five Years? A decade? Now imagine that you could be part of an amazing project that wants to talk about your passion. Imagine you could participate on the making of a movie about it and maybe, if you're such a fan, you can also be in the movie, showing your collection. Could this be a dream come true?

Directed by Steve Villeneuve With Tom Sullivan, Patricia Tallman, Timothy Quill and Danny Hicks as Associate Producers

It would be groovy of you to click the pic and help support this campaign today!

There are plenty of awesome perks available in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

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Ha-Ha! Horror!

"I laughed, I groaned, I shook my head in disbelief....Ha-Ha! Horror will bring a grin to the faces of adults and kids alike..."  

--Colleen Wanglund, Monster Librarian

Imagine- over 600 jokes, 26 illustrations and 273 pages!!

Monstermatt narrates 'The Monster Minute' on the 6 Foot Plus podcast, which is either the best or worst minute of the show. He is the wizard of bad monster jokes, and is now sharing them with you. His catalogic command of horror film knowledge is only equaled by his terrifying talent for creating and illustrating bad puns. If you love monsters, puns, or bad jokes, settle in for a horrifyingly good time.

Start laughing today by getting your copy at:

Who is Monstermatt? He's a horror artist and illustrator who does monster portraits and masks, and a nominee for Best Painter in the Artvoice 2013 Best of Buffalo Awards. He narrates 'The Monster Minute' on the 6' Plus podcast, which is either the best or worst minute of the show. He is the wizard of bad monster jokes.

You can find him at: (you can see some of his material there)

And on Twitter!

FROSTY Comes to Life in an Adult Storybook This Holiday Season

“It’s the end of the world as we know it…and they feel fine.”

FROSTY Comes to Life in an Adult Storybook This Holiday Season
An apocalyptic yuletide tale of intergalactic proportions!

November 20, 2013/St. Louis, MO – As most holiday tales begin, Frosty is seated at the bar of his favorite establishment, cocktail in “hand,” regaling the regulars with a story of intergalactic consequence.  At least that’s how Bobby Ray Akers Jr and Dennis Willman’s “FROSTY: 'Twas the Night Before the Apocalypse” opens.  And after devouring this festive adventure, you may never look at Christmas Eve the same again.

Adults who miss childhood traditions of the season now have a storybook to call their own.   In Dead of Night Entertainment and Iron Dead Studios’ holiday-themed tale, the iconic snowman regales patrons of his favorite bar with the story of a massive yuletide invasion by industrious aliens. These invaders have passed judgment on the human race, and seek to exterminate the “offending” species and remodel their entire planet into a trans-galactic resort.  A lone human named Eve is held accountable for the shortcomings of her people and forced to bear witness to the apocalypse from the flagship.  As she works desperately to challenge perception of humanity to a council of the most powerful leaders in the solar system, a daring elf named Herbie is sent on a dangerous mission to save Eve, and in doing so, save the world.

“FROSTY: ‘Twas the Night Before the Apocalypse” is the first book in the flagship “FROSTY” series, featuring Akers’ freakish snowman as the Master of Ceremonies.  Each successive book in the series will give a bizarre twist to a classic holiday theme.  In this case, Willman put his spin on the timeless Christmas poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” by Clement Clark Moore.   

“FROSTY” is an homage to the great science fiction films and stories of the ‘50s and ‘60s.  Taking inspiration from “Mars Attacks” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Akers & Willman create a new and unique look for their multi-media hybrid.  One of the unique aspects of this project is that it reads like a storybook, with the introduction and ending in comic book form.  As with their previous efforts, a modeling cast was utilized, including film composer Harry Manfredini (“Friday the 13th”) and the “Queen of the B Movies” icon Julie Strain (“Heavy Metal,” “Vampirella”).  A full list of modeling cast is available on their website.
FROSTY: 'Twas The Night Before The Apocalypse is available online now through and worldwide in two cover options.

Akers & Willman recently released “The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow: Origins,” a graphic novel re-imagining of the classic tale of the headless horseman available online and at local bookstores.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tales of a (Mostly) Dead Planet: An Original Zombie Anthology

"I have been familiar with Robert Morganbesser for quite some time now, and I must admit, this collection of Zombie Stories is by far some of the best work he's done"

"Morganbesser actually exceeded my expectations in this genre... Highly recommended!"

"I can not say enough about how good this anthology is written. Each story is unique and well written. The characters and scenarios are highly developed and thought out. Several stories could easily be developed into novel length and I would love to read more about the characters and settings in each one. None of these stories are left unfinished; there is closure for each one. The amount and quality of content provided by the author is well worth the small price."

So what's this well written anthology about...

Imagine a world where the dead have risen, not to greet loved ones with open arms, but with open mouths and appetites! This book invites the reader to enter a world where heroes, cowards, men and woman of all types must face the threat of the living dead. Where a desperate military officer puts into place a plan to save what's left of the human race, but factions within are plotting to stop him. Where a loner, whose memory is lost to him is brought back into the war against the dead. Where creatures of myth and legend battle for the survival of a humanity that has shunned them. So step inside and enjoy these stories and more...

Get your copy today at:

And follow author Robert Morganbesser on Twitter!

Tick Tock Trick

Selik Manor draws in a group with a love of the gothic world. The visitors desire for history, ghosts and magic is excited inside. The themed hosts charm the guests in the haunted setting with words and tricks. Zuri is secretly psychic and becomes aware of a dark unseen presence.

Starring: Ed Johnson, Bhawana Jimi, Samuel Webster, Jack Beale, Felicity Wren, Kimberly Jaraj, Lennard Sillevis, Jonny Kight and Dr Christina Oakley-Harringt

Directed by: Bronwyn Edwards

Written by: Marlon John Edwards

For more information, please visit:

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!

The Truck Revs Up For Release

NASHVILLE, TN (11.22.2013) Riley Hollow Films has released the second theatrical trailer and a new poster to coincide with the dvd release of their feature length road horror film “The Truck”.

The Truck is the second feature length film written and directed by Lee Vervoort, following his breakthrough movie Gun Town. The new movie debuted recently at a gala premiere in Lafayette Kentucky where the movie was filmed, to rave reviews. Vervoort is taking the movie on the road, setting up screenings and special events in support of the independent film. Vervoort said of this unconventional approach "We plan to premier the film around the United States as much as we can by way of theater rental and other venues willing to show it. It's a good way to get the film seen in front of a variety of audiences in addition to conventions and such."

The dvd is available now at Amazon along with 18x24 inch posters. It boasts several special features including a blooper reel, behind the scenes interviews with the cast & crew, and a full length audio commentary with writer/director Lee Vervoort and Director of Photography Jim Dougherty.

The Truck stars John Michael Morris as Roger Newman, and Rachelle Christine as Alice Mason. The movie also co-stars Jenna Nichole Ruiz playing a teenage hitch hiker, and re-teams Vervoort with members of his Gun Town cast, Tim Emery and Andy Grace. The film was shot in western Kentucky by cinematographer Jim Dougherty. The film was scored by Danny Lee Ramsey who also makes a special appearance in the film.
The Truck was Executive Produced by husband and wife team, Ronald Harry Dunn and Faith Diane Dunn. Vervoort shares producer credit with another husband & wife team Tim & Carole Emery of Copper Canyon Ranch L.L.C. Cameron McCasland serves as co-producer. Vervoort & McCasland have previously collaborated on both Gun Town and The Lashman.

Today's DVD Releases!

Here are some of the horror DVD releases for Nov. 26:

Monday, November 25, 2013

"The Living" Episode 1

A cataclysmic event turns most of Earth's human's into creatures ravenous for living flesh. It's Mad Max meets Walking Dead.

The end of the world will be revealed in this universe and will follow the struggles of scattered survivors fighting for their lives and each other through and after the zombie apocalypse. The adventure begins as we watch our characters discover the world around them breaking down, but the information is sparse and with not much to go on. Our characters will face many twists and struggle to survive while clinging to the hope that mankind will find a way to thrive.


For more information, please visit:

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!

'A New World' Series

"The series continues and doesn't disappoint!"

"Fresh and exciting each time I pickup the next book of this series. I love the plot twists and the new characters being introduced into the store, really sorry to see others being eliminated as we feel our way throughout this tale with them. Great series, don't pass this one by, if you've not read the early ones start there for sure you won't be sorry."

"Buying this book any book in this series will uplift you and give you hope. I highly recommend this series and this author."

"This series is amazing. From book one it has been non stop action. As far as zombie apocalypse/ infected books go this is by far the best I have ever read."

As you saw, this exciting series begins with…

Jack, a sometimes humorous, sometimes philosophical ex-special operations pilot and soldier is one of the few left to struggle through the desolation left in the aftermath; seeking to survive as a new ferocious species emerges from the rubble, hungry and unrelenting.  Will his special forces training be enough?  Will he be able to keep his children safe and guide the few survivors through perils that now roam the world they once knew?  Or will the hordes that now own the night prevail, forever removing the last of mankind from existence?  Humankind was once at the top of the food chain.  But that has now changed.

Jack Walker, journeyed half way around the world and completed his daring rescue.  He must now return home, traversing a world filled with endless hordes of night runners; the genetically altered, ferocious species that now inhabit the dark recesses left over from the demise of mankind and now dominate the planet.  The only things more dominate are the billions of corpses left to rot where they died.

It is through this world that Jack must use his special forces training to lead a small group of survivors back home to where there is the faint hope of sanctuary.  His training is pushed to the limits as he is confronted with situation after situation coming face to face with the night runners.  He must walk that delicate, fine edge between action and keeping his kids out of harm’s way; between taking risks and turning away as he continues his quest for survival.

Never having walked away from risky situations, Jack must now carefully weigh his decisions as the stakes are much higher.  His kids’ very safety hangs in the balance, along with the safety of the few remaining survivors.  This gripping, action-packed tale tells Jack’s story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world filled with peril.

Jack Walker has returned from the rescue of his girlfriend with a small band of survivors.  Their harrowing journey from the Middle East included a stop at the CDC where they learned vital information about the ferocious new species that hunt at night.  The night runners dominate the landscape and a world turned upside down by the sudden death of billions.

With humanity on the brink, the small group must carve out a sanctuary against the nightly onslaught from night runners on the prowl for food.  They must enter into darkened buildings in search of supplies; darkened buildings that are now the domain of the night runners.  Danger lurks with each step and death lies in waiting for the unwary.  Jack and the group must stay one step ahead of the game; a game where the night runners continue to adapt to this new world.  Will his training and instincts be enough?  Will this last remnant of humanity make it through this next phase of survival?

These books are followed by:

Book IV - A New World: Taken 
Book V - A New World: Awakening 
Book VI - A New World: Dissension 
Book VII - A New World: Takedown

And the recently released…

Lynn has been rescued from deep within the heart of a night runner lair. The answer why she was taken remains a mystery. Sandra lies in a pool of her own blood ending her desperate measures to draw Jack to her. As Red Team celebrates their joy of Lynn’s freedom, they are unaware that a sight is centered on them from afar. A bullet tears through the air, streaking their way.

Harold discovers information that stuns the small group of survivors and further threatens their fragile handhold on existence. They have overcome one challenge only to find that a new, more dangerous one replaces it. There’s more to this new world than Jack ever suspected.

With only a single team at his disposal, Greg is sent to continue the search for survivors. Separated from the group and unable to call for help, the small group must journey along lonely and perilous back roads in the hope of finding family members. In the end, Greg must decide between saving others and the safety of his team. Meanwhile, with the crew anxious to get home, Captain Leonard sails down the western seaboard to search for answers as he struggles to come to grips with the world.

The group tries to stay one step ahead but there’s trouble infiltrating from the north. And Michael is stirring from within the depths of his lair.

You can find the entire series at:

For more information, please visit:

You can also find more on Twitter!

Sneak Peek at "The Dead Hour" Season 3

The brand new sneak peek of season 3 for the #1 online horror webseries "The Dead Hour" is here:

"The Dead Hour" Season 3 Teaser Trailer from Magnum Pictures on Vimeo.

"The Dead Hour" is an online indie horror anthology series that has just started production on it's third season which will launch in early 2014.

The show centers around a mysterious and sexy radio DJ who brings her audience dark and twisted stories each week. All webisodes from seasons 1 & 2 of the critically acclaimed series can be seen for free at

More news, updates and behind the scenes features can be found on our Facebook page at

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Iniquitous: An Anthology of Terror...

'Iniquitous' is a kind of Creepshow/Tales from the Crypt compilation feature film, produced and directed by Philip Kempson of C M productions
and Steven K Beattie via Onyx-Wolf

The film will be made up of 3 main films:

Familiar Strangers – written by Philip Kempson,

The Voice Within – written by Steven K Beattie (based on the short story ‘The Voice Within’ written by Steven and published by Hic Dragones)

Accolade to evil –written by Steven K Beattie (based on the short story ‘Miller’s Court written by Steven)

Each story will be inter-linked by a fourth 'narrative' story.

Accolade to Evil, the first film, is based on Mary Kelly’s murder by Jack the Ripper. In Accolade to Evil we see a copycat repeat the murder as a tribute to Jack.

Janey is a young 'working girl' who one fateful night has a drug induced vision of Mary Kelly’s murder. That same night a new 'customer' treats her the same way thus ending the poor girl’s life in a most brutal attack.

Starring: Charlotte Nita Murfin, and Time Churchill

They are raising funds to help create this anthology. You can help by visiting:

You can also find more information on Twitter, and Facebook!

Sunday Scares: "Visions"

The best way to keep a secret is to pretend there isn't one.

Starring: Molly Jackson, Nicholas Jaqua, Leslie McKeller, Jon J. Peterson, and Liv Southard


You can watch more horror films from Seraph Films on YouTube!

For more information, please visit:

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!

"Rock Band vs. Vampires" is currently in production!

Rock Band Vs Vampires is currently in production, and due to be completed by Summer 2014. Rock Band Vs Vampires is an independent comedy-horror feature film intriguingly combining the worlds of vampires and Camden’s music scene.

Shaun Of The Dead meets Spinal Tap with a hint of Python.

Jeremiah Winterford is an old-fashioned vampire who finds himself awkwardly out of place in a modern world. Forced to move from Winterford Manor following a torching by his vampiric rival Jako Van Zyl, Winterford and his surviving acolytes find themselves making a new home in Camden (London's musical capital). Where better for a vampire to hide in plain sight?   

Sorcerer's Tower, an unsuccessful prog-rock band are booked to play at the re-opening night of a Camden venue, now under new (vampiric) ownership. Armed with their instruments, can the band save their small number of fans from an eternity of vampirism?

Filming on location in iconic London rock venues, including The Underworld in Camden, and Hoxton’s Underbelly.

Writer/director/producer Malcolm Galloway, was the pathology consultant to ITV/Carnival Film's Murder On The Homefront, and is the lead singer/songwriter of internationally broadcast rock band Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate. He is also having a go at acting – playing the role of singer William May in Rock Band Vs Vampires.

DOP/Co-director/Editor – Raed Abbas. Raed is a Kuwaiti film-maker. His feature film Cut is currently in post-production, and is one of the first Arabic language action/horror feature films.

Clockwork Heart Productions Ltd in association with Abbas Films Ltd.

Cast includes Dani Thompson, Gyles Brandreth, Guy Barnes, Loren Peta, Faye Sewell, Jake Rundle, Vauxhall Jermaine, Blue Jigsaw, Sophia Disgrace, Frankie Mae, Ami Lloyd, Chris Smith, Dick Carruthers, Amy Jaxon, and Malcolm Galloway.

Faye Sewell (Anna Winterford - above) – Faye was born in West Sussex, grew up in Ireland, and trained in Los Angeles. Her first lead role in a feature film was in 2010’s horror film ‘Sparrow’.

Guy Barnes (Jeremiah Winterford - above) is an actor, songwriter and record producer. He was recently featured in the lead role in No Cover, for which he also wrote and performed the theme song.

Dani Thompson (Angelica Black - above) – Dani is a London based actress and TV presenter. She was born in Australia, but grew up in Norwich. She studied at the International School of Screen Acting. She has starred in many horror films, and is the producer and writer of ‘Serial Kaller’ (horror feature film in post-production). She has previously appeared as a model in all of the leading UK lad’s mags.

Loren Peta (Pixie Coldwell - above) – Loren is an actress, model and TV presenter, and former Australian soldier.  She is also leading the production team for Rock Band Vs Vampires. She has previously featured in music videos (including the Arctic Monkeys and short films, including the award winning Badgergeddon.

Jake Rundle (Dan Coldwell - above) – Australian actor and artist. He previously starred in the award-winning Badgergeddon.
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