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The Remaining

THE REMAINING is an action-packed supernatural thriller that addresses questions of life, love and belief against an apocalyptic backdrop. A group of close friends gather for a wedding, but the celebration is shattered by a series of cataclysmic events and enemies foretold by biblical end-times prophecies. The survivors face a horrifying, uncertain future as they scramble for safety, but as their world collapses around them in chaos and terror will they choose real life through faith, or just try to survive?

Starring: Alexa Vega, Shaun Sipos, Johnny Pacar, Italia Ricci, Bryan Dechart, and Liz E. Morgan

Directed By: Casey La Scala

Written by: Casey La Scala

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Sunday Scares: Double Feature from Midnight Prestige

Today’s Sunday Scare is a double feature plus a bonus treat from…

The first short film is “February 4th

Shot on February 4th, 2007 in Toeldo, Ohio, the movie has been gathering dust in a closet since then. With final sound editing and picture tweaking done in July 2013. Four college students made a birthday present for the zombie king himself George A. Romero. Shot from the point of view of one of the survivors, completely improvised, and influenced by classic zombie movies, February 4th shows what can happen to you if you are not prepared for the zombie apocalypse.


The second film is called “Sadie Jane”

On Halloween, three old friends try to summon the legendary Sadie Jane through their bathroom mirror. It's just a little harmless fun... Until one by one... 


And now for the bonus…

Schlock Shock Radio
Started by Stephen Snowden, Schlock Shock Radio are horror radio dramas that we record our lines from around the country on our phones, send them to Stephen, and he edits them into the stories you find in the links. We currently have two, Fright Train and The Maumer.

Fright Train (Acts 1-5)
As ex-bandit, Shaw travels aboard the 1800's Central Pacific Railroad towards a better life in California, he befriends a mysterious school teacher, Ms. Josephine Tate and before long the two discover that not all is as it seems on board the FRIGHT TRAIN!

The Maumer
Another terrifying installment from Schlock Shock Radio awaits! A man awakes on a river's edge, trapped, and close to death. As he fights for survival something watches him in the woods...something from his own past.


For more information, please follow them on Twitter!

Silent Retreat hits the American Market Sept 2

After its award winning festival run and a limited theatrical release in Canada, Silent Retreat produced by A Film Monkey Production is coming to The United States. On September 2, 2014, Silent Retreat will be available on VOD and digital platforms all across the USA.

It’s been a long journey for the independently produced Canadian shocker that, according to Rue Morgue Magazine, “beautifully blends supernatural horror with the terrors of the real world”. Silent Retreat tells the story of Janey Andrews (Chelsea Jenish), a troubled youth sent to a silent meditation retreat in the middle of the woods to be rehabilitated. She discovers that the Doctor (Robert Nolan) who runs the retreat is after more than just her voice, and if Janey doesn’t follow his rules, she’ll discover the terrible secret that lurks beyond the trees, and find out what happens to those who don’t embrace the silence.

Made with a lot of passion and a tiny budget, Silent Retreat is tried and true indie horror at its best. Shot at Kettleby Valley Camp just outside Toronto, the incredibly dedicated cast and crew under the direction of Tricia Lee, lived and worked on location for 2 weeks. With inventive and resourceful makeup effects, haunting cinematography, and chilling performances, Silent Retreat showcases the incredible talents of many up and coming Canadian filmmakers.

After cutting together a killer trailer (, and having a great response from The Toronto After Dark Film Festival, where it won Best Canadian Feature, Lee arranged a limited theatrical release in Toronto, Ottawa, Regina and a few other Canadian cities. And now, the ways to watch Silent Retreat are about to dramatically increase.

On September 2, 2014, not only will the film be distributed on DVD in Canada by Black Fawn Distribution (order it at, but it will finally be making its way to the American market.

Audiences can find Silent Retreat online through iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Playstation Network, Vudu, Amazon Video on Demand, Xbox, and Redbox Instant.

Silent Retreat will be available On Demand through AT&T/U-verse, Verizon/Fios on Demand, Cox, Charter on Demand, Dish Network, Mediacom, Sudden Link, RCN, Optimum Bresnan Communications, and Frontier.

If a trip to Canada is a little too far away to pick up a DVD, rest assured that the American DVD release is coming soon! Check out to keep up to date with all our upcoming information.

Halloween Promotions!

Is coming! That’s right, it will be here before you know it. wants to promote anything, and everything Halloween. If you run a haunted house attraction, sell costumes, or are holding a special movie event, we want to help you promote it. All Halloween promotions will be made a priority, and be moved to the top of the promotions list. If you are looking for a promotion around a certain date, we will do the best to make that happen. And don't forget that if you have a Halloween event or attraction, you can be listed on the "Halloween Events" page as well. We expect the requests for promotions to pick up the closer we get to Halloween so please get those requests in NOW! 

Please send all requests for promotions to the following email address: 

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Alive: Webisodes and Diary

Our "Hero" is alone in the apocalypse.

But he's fine with that because his life wasn't too great before the apocalypse either. And while some might say things have taken a turn for the worse, he is a lot happier than he was, because finally he gets the rules. Whether he's dealing with other survivors or the living dead it's always the same:

The rules are: there are no rules.

Directed By: Mat Kapitzky

Written By: Sven Kernn

'Alive: Webisodes and Diary' is web based and interactive too, so follow the story and you'll get chances to participate and actually affect the storyline via your webcam! Or maybe even in person on location!

Please click here and help them bring the apocalypse to the capital city of Germany!

For more information, please visit:

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New releases from Permuted Press

The story revolves around an exclusive apartment tower called The Man, so called because it has been constructed in the shape of a man (legs, torso, neck, head). In the prologue we are introduced to its designer, the eccentric architect Harry Wall. He has become obsessed with his latest creation and dies of a drug overdose while hallucinating. At the time of his death he is gazing at The Man, thinking that he can see the building walking.
In the main body of the story we meet Ridley Case, another architect who hears of Wall’s death on the radio. He goes to Wall’s funeral and notices Wall’s wife, the beautiful Ramona Lansky mourning at his graveside. Ramona calls Ridley at his office and asks to meet with him. When they meet, Ramona gives him the key of Wall’s house on Pacific Palisades. She wants to know what Wall was at in this house before he died. Ridley goes to the house and finds documentation and strange drawings relating to the design of The Man. 

He learns that the iron used in the steel frame of The Man has come from a mine called Gavour in Eastern Quebec. Iron mined from this deposit has been known to inexplicably “move”, always in the direction of its native Gavour. Ridley gets in touch with Ray Deslak, the owner of a website that collects tales of such rogue iron. It turns out that iron from Gavour, in order to move, must draw energy from people. Deslak shows up at Ridley’s office and the two of them move into an empty apartment in The Man in the knowledge that Wall’s fantasy was to use the building’s residents as an energy source for the iron in The Man’s steel frame, thus giving the structure the power to walk.
They discover that it is only a matter of time before the tower begins to move, and Ridley finds out that there is more to Deslak than meets the eye. And so begins Ridley’s frantic quest to save the residents of the complex and prevent Armageddon from being unleashed in the City Of Angels…

Get your copy at:

Skylar Connors is a retrieval specialist working out of Kingdom City. In the Kingdom, as it’s known to locals, fae, Otherkin, and witches all live alongside an oblivious human population. Connors himself is Otherkin, specifically the howling at the moon variety. Being a werewolf with supernatural friends definitely has its perks, along with some dark inclinations. 

There are some animal urges that can’t be tamed even if you are living in the middle of a city. Life for the most part is comfortable for the only werewolf in Kingdom City if not entirely safe. That all changes when the city’s otherworldly citizens start to turn up with the life literally sucked out of them. No one is the community understands the murders and no one wants to help stop it. 

Skylar, the one guy who would rather do anything else, is hired to track down the evil force that is becoming the bump in the night for all that bumps in the night. Soon his task becomes personal when one of his own is threatened with her life on the line, all the while he and his rag-tag group of friends face down some of the biggest names legend and fairytale has to offer.

Get your copy at:

For more information, please visit:

New “Human Garbage” trailer and artwork!

Melbourne, Australia – 28th August 2014 – Innovative Australian guerilla filmmaker Rob Taylor has until September 1st to raise funds for his Ozploitation feature film,Human Garbage.


Human Garbage follows the vigilante, Ninja Assassin Cop, who’s crusade to save a dystopian city from an explosive drug habit is haltered by reports of a supernatural creature lurking in the city’s garbage.

Sounds like a bloody good time? We think so too!  

If you would to contribute and help get the film made for some great perks, now is the time! The campaign ends September 1st

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Cemetery Shots Photography

To capture pictures of as many cemeteries as possible. The Cemeteries range from the biggest and most popular to small family cemeteries.

Check out a few of the shots…

They are creating a 3 photo book series.  20 Pages each.  Each book will have a different theme.  Pure Black and White, Full Color and Horror Edition (Heavily edited graveyard photos).  Click here to help their funding for photography equipment and gas to get to major Cemeteries.

There are plenty of awesome perks available in return for your pledge to the campaign including…

For more information and shots, follow them on Twitter, and “Like” their Facebook page!

On-Ride Announces “Night of Thrills” Feature Film

Sicklerville, NJ, August 15, 2014:  On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. announces that pre-production has commenced on it’s second feature film, “Night of Thrills”. “Night of Thrills” is an thriller/horror film that is expected to begin filming in Fall 2015 in the local Southern New Jersey area, just outside of Philadelphia. “Night of Thrills” is written by, and will be directed by, √éngloda writer and director Brian Targett. The film is being produced by Everett Burgan while Cinematography will be handled by Robert Bittle. An original score will also be written and composed by Libby Targett.

Synopsis: An amusement park’s urban-legend-fueled reputation for lethal mishaps turns out to be more truth than tall-tale when the crew prepping the park for Halloween season starts getting picked off one by one.

Some funding has already been obtained, but this film will carry a much larger budget than that of Îngloda: The Possession Within. On-Ride Entertainment will launch a funding campaign in Fall 2014 to help raise the last amount of funds while offering incentive for those that donate including exclusive clips, DVDs/BluRay, Producer Credit, and opportunity to appear in the movie with and without speaking lines.

Post-Production will begin immediately after filming in Winter 2015 for a 2016 release. Distribution is currently being negotiated and the film will be screened privately to distributors to obtain theatrical release. Taking advantage of new technology, “Night of Thrills” will be shot on a Canon C300 with Prime lenses. For more information, please continue to watch the blog. The official movie page is also now live at The official website will launch in Fall 2014 to coincide with the funding campaign and the release of the teaser poster.

Twitter: @OnRideEnt

Introducing Venus de Vilo

The Voice Of Horror and Queen Of The Pumpkin Patch, Venus de Vilo, at your dark and deranged service. Described by "The Bite" Gothic-Alternative magazine as "The love child of Marilyn Manson and Amanda Palmer." Referred to amongst Her fans, "The Gravediggers" as "The Queen Of Weird" , "The Irish Emilie Autumn" and "Yer Wan From The Grudge!") Graduating from the BCFE Rock School in 2011, Venus de Vilo has been nationwide inflicting Her gruesome and exceptionally WEIRD live shows on the unsuspecting and unwilling public at large. Performing EVERYWHERE from Rock bars, Metal bars, alternative horror/metal Burlesque and Cabaret nights, open mic nights, miscellaneous venues of note (The Village, The Button Factory etc.) and general gigs of ill-repute. As of 2012, Venus has also been known to hold dominion over and host Her very own, every-couple-of-monthly, ghoulishly themed gigs. 

Not just content with frightening the locals, Venus released Her debut 6-track EP "EDGAR ALLAN HO" at Halloween 2012. This release attracted international attention from underground radio stations, alternative magazines and assorted like-minded ne'er-do-wells. Prompted by such sordid infamy, Venus then decided to garner more attention for Herself and released Her second EP "TILL DEATH DO US PARTY".  (2013) Aural displeasure wasn't enough for Venus though. 2013 saw Her dazzlingly disturbed venture into the world of the moving picture, via the music video. More like mini-horror movies than music videos "Crazy For You" (2013) and "Fangtasy" (2014) since their subsequent un-leashings have been proving most unpopular on Youtube.

Friday the 13th of June 2014 saw Venus launch Her very first, but NOT Her last, 16 page, hand drawn, full colour comic book "Crazy For You." (Yes, an adaptation of Her song an music video of the same name!) Now working on Her second comic book, to be launched this year at Her third annual Halloween shindig, an illustrated re-telling of Edgar Allan Poe's classic poem "The Raven." Currently working on Her first full length thirteen track magnum opus, "Handle With Scare." (Handle With Scare: More art installation, comic book and highly fictional auto-biography than an actual album!) May 2014 saw the first half of Her warped masterpiece infect the internet. With song titles like "I've Got 99 Zombies And A Witch Ain't One." ,"Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder." , "Paint Me Like One Of Your Dead Girls" and "Please Sir, Can I Have Some Gore?" you just KNOW that Handle With Scare is going to be a musical experience to die for!

Check out one of her performances…

You can find more of her songs at:

You can also find out more about her on Twitter, and Facebook!

Now available on DVD: President Wolfman

Film Festival Hit
President Wolfman
Available Now on DVD

New York, NY - Wild Eye Releasing has announced that Mike Davis'President Wolfman is now available to own on DVD following a wildly successful festival run.  Since its premiere at the Sydney Underground Film Festival, President Wolfman has been a favorite of audiences and critics alike, with the Huffington Post applauding the filmmakers for delivering "a candidate both parties can get behind."  President Wolfmanhas won awards around the country, taking home Best Script at the New Orleans Horror Film Festival and Best Feature at both the Aliens to Zombies Film Festival and Atlanta Horror Film Festival. 

Meet John Wolfman: politician, single parent and werewolf, a man whose (hairy) hands are definitely full. Not only is he trying to stop his opponents from selling the US to China, he also has to solve a series of grizzly murders in the capitol. Add a crazed mad scientist, Smokey the Bear, a Miss Teen beauty pageant and a race against time to save his eight-year-old son Bobby from a murderous Vice President, and you have a movie that will keep you howling from start to finish.

Hailed as "perfect for fans of campy horror" by The Washington Post,President Wolfman was made entirely from recycled, stock and public domain footage with a newly scripted, scored and re-voiced soundtrack with enhanced visuals and effects.

The DVD release of President Wolfman (SRP $14.95) exclusively includes several short films from director Mike Davis, outtakes, a music video and a highlight reel of the production.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trailer Time: "Gilgamesh"

A military expedition in Siberia gone wrong. The existence of humanity is in peril as Inanna, Sumerian goddess of lust and war has summoned a giant meteor to destroy the planet, after being accidentally set free from her ancient prison. The government has been overturned in a Communist take-over and the citizens of the world; brainwashed. In humanity's darkest hour, the ancient entity of Gilgamesh, older than the cosmos themselves, must decide whether or not to serve of mankind's final hope. Meanwhile, Inanna has hand selected the one man; married man and archaeologist, David Murphy, to live out the rest of eternity with her. Gilgamesh and Inanna are quickly targeted by the new government as potential weapons of mass destruction, and soon the apocalypse has begun.

Directed and produced by Richard Chandler

Starring Joshua Davis, Melantha Blackthorne, Joseph R. Gannascoli, Emily Coleman, Oselito Joseph, Richard Chandler,  Ray Hryb,  and Sarah Michelle

For more information, please visit the film’s IMDB and Facebook pages!

Silent Retreat - Opening Scene


Black Fawn Distribution To Release A Film Monkey Production Feature “SILENT RETREAT” On DVD In Canada September 2nd

(Toronto, ON) – Black Fawn Distribution has released the opening scene of their new acquisition SILENT RETREAT exclusively on-line at the following location:

After taking home the prize for Best Canadian Feature at last year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival, SILENT RETREAT will be released on DVD through Black Fawn Distribution on September 2nd, 2014. The official trailer for the award winning creature feature can be viewed here: 

As part of an exclusive pre-order offered through Black Fawn Distribution web store, SILENT RETREAT will be released in a limited edition red case with the first 100 copies hand numbered and signed by director Tricia Lee. Pre-orders of the film can be ordered through Black Fawn Distribution’s web store at the following location:

Described by as a film that “beautifully blends supernatural horror with the terrors of the real world,” SILENT RETREAT is already being noticed by critics. The National Post stated that SILENT RETREAT is a “chilling little number from Canadian director Tricia Lee” while Ain’t It Cool News heralded the film as “a tense little beast of a movie that has some powerfully terrifying moments interspersed with some even more impactful silences."

The SILENT RETREAT DVD will include a behind the scenes featurette, director and writer commentary, and trailers for the film. 

Following an assault charge, Janey Andrews (Chelsea Jenish) is sent to a remote rehabilitation centre in order to avoid jail time. Run by an ominous doctor (Robert Nolan) and his two sons, Janey is instructed to follow the rules of the retreat without question: No talking. No eye contact. No interaction of any kind. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that something sinister is taking place and with the help of a fellow inmate named Alexis (Sofia Banzhaf), the girls attempt to flee. However, despite the doctor’s deplorable motives, Janey soon discovers that something much more dangerous lurks just beyond the trees.

About Tricia Lee:
Tricia Lee is the President and CEO of Toronto’s feature film production company A Film Monkey Production Inc. She directed her first feature CLEAN BREAK which took home Best Drama Feature at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival and Blood In The Snow Film Festival in Toronto. Her past projects include SEARCHING FOR WONDER (Reel Asian Charles Street Video Pitch Award Winner, Bravo!FACT grant and NFB FAP Award); PAPER TULIPS (CFTPA Corus Young Filmmaker Initiative); and the Bravo!FACT MARV FREETELL’s WEDDING DAY (Special Jury Award at Houston Worldfest). Lee has also participated in the NBC Universal Development Incubator for the feature script LOST SOULS, worked as a field producer/director for Kids CBC and Fraud Squad on Discovery Channel and produced the Ontario Arts Council short THE OLD WAYS, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Tricia loves traveling, hot yoga, scuba diving and riding her motorcycle.

About Black Fawn Distribution:
Black Fawn Distribution is an independent Canadian film distributor. Our mission is simply to release the best genre films possible while supporting the filmmakers who spill their blood to make them. From the film’s artwork to the release platforms, we strive to establish a direct working relationship with those most important to the films: The Creators. By establishing a strong organic following, Black Fawn Distribution is a new form of film distribution. For Filmmakers. By Filmmakers. (

2 books from author Carmilla Voiez

"Carmilla Voiez makes Clive Barker look like Stephanie Meyer." Jef Withonef, Houston Press. 

"Carmilla Voiez is more of a singer than a writer. She tells her compelling story in a hypnotic, distinctive voice that brings her eerie world vividly to life." Graham Masterton

"A well written complex story"

"Outstanding series!"

So what’s this outstanding series about…

Carmilla Voiez's award winning Starblood trilogy in one complete text. It is a potent and visceral work of horror and fantasy and a tale of obsessive love. What would you do for the one you love? Satori would travel worlds and battle demons but, however much Star begs, he just cannot let her go. 

Get your copy today at:

And then check out…

"I recommend reading this book and any other books written by this Author"

"If you enjoy a good mystery, obsession, suspense or vampire story this is for you."

"if you are looking for a little dark horror to escape in for a while then you have to pick this up!"

"A very unique a refreshing tale"

So what’s this refreshing tale about…

In the Scottish city of Glasgow a serial killer leaves a trail of victims like statues, while a group of assassins hunt for a rogue vampire who is kidnapping human women for his own perverted pleasure. In the midst of this Amalthea and her friends try to scratch a living while negotiating their way through everyday sexism and violence. Amalthea is afraid to walk home in the dark, but is she afraid enough? From the award winning author of The Starblood Trilogy, Carmilla Voiez.

Get your copy today at:

For more information, please visit

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!

Girls and Corpses teams with TomCat Films for Bloodcurdling Joint Venture

Girls and Corpses teams with TomCat Films to create new horror label

Girls and Corpses Magazine has entered into a partnership with TomCat Films to release a slate of original indie horror films. “Girls and Corpses Presents” will be displayed at the front of films approved for release and sanctioned as meeting the high standards of the worldwide newsstand magazine phenomenon, Girls and Corpses, founded by Robert “Corpsy” Rhine.
Following the labels created by Fangoria and, Girls and Corpses Presents will release four acquisitions a year to coincide with each quarterly issue of the printed magazine.  In addition to releasing on DVD and Blu-Ray, the company is in talks with major digital and online streaming companies to create a dedicated channel of content curated by the Girls and Corpses Team. 

The Girls and Corpses Presents  label will be unveiled at this year’s AFM under the TomCat Films banner to foreign buyers. Girls and Corpses is sold on newsstands worldwide and is also translated into German, “The way is already paved internationally for the new film label,” says TomCat’s President, Ted Chalmers.

The first DVD release to be flying the Girls and Corpses banner, will be Unfiltered Entertainment’s Blood Rites, directed by Dorothy Booraem, who co-wrote the project with Producer Chad Haufschild.  The team previously collaborated on microbudget smash success, Wake The Witch. Blood Rites is a macabre treat inspired by Giallo, a terrifying genre popularized by masters such as Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. The film will be released via DVD in December of 2014. Blood Rites will be followed up, under the Girls and Corpses Presents slats, by The Meat Puppet, directed by Joe Valenti, a terrifying yarn featuring a host of celebrity cameos such as WCW’s April Hunter. 

The team will also be producing original wraparound featurettes for each title. Chalmers and Corpsy promise to deliver content that is both “salacious and horrifying,” and will feature some of today’s hottest talent co-hosting each segment. Tera Patrick, among others, is currently attached to kick off the fun. TomCat Films just wrapped filming Aliens VS Titanic and Monster-Zilla, with Atomic Shark going into production next month.

The label also plans to jointly produce one original theatrical film for the label each year. The budgets will ranges from $1.2 million to $4.6 million. The first film on the production slate will be "CYSters," a dark horror/comedy exploring pregnancy and child birth. Girls and Corpses Productions has funded and green-lit the film, from a script by R.S. Rhine. Danielle Harris who’s last film, Among Friends, was released through Lionsgate, is in talks to direct.

Girls and Corpses Productions is also funding the completion of horror film 'Two Faced' starring Tony Todd, Daniel Baldwin, Jacqui Holland and Antwon Tanner in a Johnny Kearns film. The script by Rolo Velascoe is about a ruthless gold-digger in a gruesome tale of vanity. Produced by Ken Tayloe and Jacqui Holland of Violet Sky Productions.

"I have worked with Ted Chalmers at TomCat films as an actor on several films he has produced, such as: Nazi Dawn, Snake Club: Revenge of The Snake Woman, Angel Of Darkness: The Legend of Lilith, Disaster Wars and Grand Auto Theft. Most recently, I co-starred in TomCat films, Aliens VS Titanic. I respect Ted Chalmers, who does an amazing job producing and releasing cost-effective horror films for the worldwide market. I am thrilled to put our Girls and Corpses brand on films we feel will shake up the marketplace with original, and very scary, movies. Ted is a very creative filmmaker and businessman and has had great success with domestic and international film distribution," explains Girls and Corpses Publisher/Deaditor-In-Chief Robert "Corpsy" Rhine. 

“Robert has created a thriving brand for this niche that we’re thrilled to be a part of,” states TomCat CEO, Ted Chalmers. TomCat Films, often described as a cross between The Asylum (Sharknado) and Playboy, has a longstanding reputation as a genre label specializing in mockbusters, horror films and exciting alt entertainment for worldwide audiences. “This partnership is a perfect fit for both brands and I am confident that we can leverage our capabilities, respectively, toward a thriving partnership for years to come.”
TomCat Films LLC is a vertically integrated film sales, licensing and distribution company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona and affiliate locations in Beverly Hills, California, New York City, New York, and Selangor, Malaysia. TomCat Films attends all the major film markets including the American Film Market, European Film Market in Berlin, Hong Kong Filmart and the Cannes Film Festival. The company distributes over 100 feature films with distribution deals in place worldwide. Many of TomCat’s films can be seen on Netflix, InDemand, Family Video, Best Buy, Amazon and other establishments in the U.S./Canada and around the world.

GIRLS and CORPSES MAGAZINE™ is an outrageous horror/comedy/art & music magazine distributed on newsstands internationally by Ingram, Diamond, PDG Annas International and also translated into German. The glossy color magazine has been described as dark comedic blend of Maxim meets "The Walking Dead" meets MAD. The magazine has been featured on: Entertainment Tonight, E-Entertainment, CBS, G4TV, Current TV, Inside Edition, TMZ and many others. Cover celebrities include: George Romero, Sid Haig, Michael Berryman, Danielle Harris, Lloyd Kaufman, Billy Moseley, Butch Patrick, Scout Taylor-Compton, Gilbert Gottfried, Zombie Boy, Harlan Williams, Sheri Moon Zombie, Courtney Stodden, Farrah Abraham, Tera Patrick. Masuimi Max and many others. Check out the madness here:
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