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Spook Train 3D

Choose from Download, Region Free DVD, or Blu-Ray

See how it was made! 

Get “Ghost Burger” HD and “Spook Train” HD Download included with the signed blood splattered postcard.

All of these items and more can be yours if you click the pic and help make this a successful project!

The world's first feature length claysplotation. A clay animated horror debut from Lee Hardcastle.

Three kids discover the remains of the legendary Spook Train, they're about to experience why it was shut down by a moral panic. It's a dark ride with an even darker sense of humor.

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Once Upon A Time in Jerusalem

Not long ago we featured a short film called “Fist of Jesus” on Sunday Scares for you all to see. What? You missed! Well here’s another chance for you to see it. We strongly suggest you take a look at it like RIGHT NOW…

Now wasn’t that awesome! If you liked that you are sure going to enjoy…

"Once Upon A Time in Jerusalem” tells the adventures of Jesus and Judas in a world full of Zombies, Demons, post-apocalyptic Punks, Mutants, Cowboys, the Roman Army, Monsters, Mythological Creatures and Steampunk technology in the 80s style that we love.

Directed by: David Munoz and Adrián Cardona

Their dream is to make a comedy that is a cross between the New Testament and “Mad Max”, with the humor of “The Life of Brian” and the style of Peter Jackson's early works like “Bad Taste” or “Braindead”. Above all it is an epic movie - Jesus’ journey compared to that of Odysseus or Atreyu in “The Never Ending Story” or any of the “Conan” films, but crazier, in the style of Ash in “Army of Darkness”.

We aren’t the only ones who thought “Fist of Jesus” was an awesome short film. It received 60 awards at fantasy film festivals, which gives us high hopes for “Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem."

So please click the pic, and help them make what’s sure to be an amazing featured film!

There are plenty of great perks available in return for your pledge to this project. Here are just a few of them:

-A copy of the DVD.
-The official T-shirt.
-A Poker Deck with 54 characters of the film.
-An awesome 80s style Jesus action figure!

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Cameras Rolling On Western Horror Movie

Set In the old west, two desperadoes Wylie and Callie target a big landowner and his daughter. Things quickly go wrong for them and in the end, justice at the hands of their own evil deeds.

United States -- -- Mar 17, 2014 -- TISHOMINGO, Ok., and HENRYETTA, Ok. (March 17, 2014) -- It's happening! Cameras will be rolling on a new western horror movie that's filming in April at Sipokni West in Reagan OK (near Tishomingo) and Buzzard Roost Ranch near Henryetta, in Dustin OK.

The new movie is called "No Rest For The Wicked" starring Devin Derrick (OK), Briana Looby (OK), Jodi Lynn Thomas (NM), Rich Porter (CA), Philip Paz (OK), Ken McCall (OK), Brenda-Marie Whitehead (OK), John Scamehorn (OK), Johnny Shackleford (OK) and Ray Dickerson (OK). The screenplay was written by Alex Whitmer and Brenda-Marie Whitehead. The film will be directed by Jason Smolesky from Arizona along with an excellent film crew from Oklahoma University and more.

The 30 minute short film is set In the old west. Two desperadoes Wylie and Callie, set out to find a little something for an old friend in exchange for a place to lay low. They target a big landowner and his daughter in hopes they would have lots of cash lying around. What they find is gold and two land deeds. While planning their future, things go quickly wrong for them.

"We have a great talent pool, and film extras will be needed from the Tishomingo Oklahoma area", says casting director Rocky Whitehead. "Extras" casting will be on Sunday March 30th from 2:00pm to 3:30pm at the Sipokni West movie location at 2200 S Sawmill Rd., in Reagan, OK. Do you have a western look? Bring head shot and contact information if available. They are looking for maybe 10 to 12 hopefuls for extras. There's no pay, but those chosen will get a credit in the film & on the DVD, see how a movie is made, and possibly get promoted to a featured extra. "Western attire, and of course acting experience would be a huge plus" says films script writer Brenda-Marie Whitehead who also has a cameo as "Josephine" in the film.

This film is hoping to be accepted at several film festivals all over the world. Brenda-Marie says she's also entertaining the thought of expanding her screenplay into a full length feature film in the near future. 

Fundraising for the film continues for those that would like to be involved. Many great last minute perks available at

Visit the Official movie websiteFacebook and their sponsors.

Penny Dreadful: Have you met Vanessa Ives & Ethan Chandler?

She's a force to be reckoned with - full of secrets and danger. He's an American sharpshooter with a troubling past. Meet Vanessa Ives and Ethan Chandler: two key players in the Penny Dreadful world, who become entwined in a highly important quest.

Meet Vanessa Ives

Meet Ethan Chandler

Premieres Sunday May 11, at 10PM on Showtime!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nightmare Code

After a programmer working on a top secret surveillance program snaps in a murderous rage, a notorious code wizard with problems of his own moves into the startup offices to figure out what went wrong and deliver the final product. But the deeper he delves into the code, the more the code takes on a malevolent life of its own.

Starring: Andrew J. West, Mei Melancon, Googy Gress, Ivan Shaw, Nicholas Guest, Caitlyn Folley, Bret Roberts, and Tonya Kay

Directed by: Mark Netter

Written by: Mark Netter & M.J. Rotondi

Please click the pic, and help them bring this movie to horror fans!

There are plenty of awesome rewards available in return for your pledge to this campaign. Here are just a few of them:

-A digital download of the film
-A Nightmare Code T-shirt
-Appear in the film
-Get Executive Producer credit

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Sunday Scares: "Beauty Marks"

Today’s feature is brought to us courtesy of…

The prettiest people do the ugliest things.

Starring: Melodie Courval, and Jolanta Mojsej

Directed and written by: Andrew Robinson


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Second Edition of Walking Dead Themed Book Launches Today with More Deals and Flash Sales


“DEAD SEXY: The Unofficial WALKING DEAD Fan Guide to Zombie Style, Beauty, Parties, and a Ghoul-Lurching UNlifestyle” 

Launches Today from Publisher Riverdale Avenue Books

Rocky Brand’s Durango Boots, The Queen Mary Hotel, Windy City Novelties, Dear Bloody Mary, and Brad’s Raw Foods are Among More than 60 Brands to Offer Exclusive Deals

NEW YORK, NY – March 11, 2013 – Riverdale Avenue Books’ Pop Imprint has just released a second edition of the successful book, “DEAD SEXY: The Unofficial WALKING DEAD Fan Guide to Zombie Style, Beauty, Parties, and a Ghoul-Lurching UNlifestyle.”  This is the second pop culture book produced and written by Paula Conway featuring an exclusive private sale to a targeted audience.

More than 60 companies have zombie-related flash-sale offers in "DEAD SEXY” including Durango Boots from Rocky Brands, Windy City Novelties, Dear Bloody Mary, and Brad’s Raw Foods.  This is also the first book to curate travel deals with exclusive offers.  Published by Riverdale Avenue Books, “DEAD SEXY” is available both electronically and in print nationwide through Ingram Publisher Services.

“The first edition of DEAD SEXY was such a success that we had to update it to see if we could get even more great undead deals for our zombie-loving readers - and we did!” said Lori Perkins, Publisher of Riverdale Avenue Books.

The book, “DEAD SEXY” assumes we are living in a present zombie apocalypse, and that many people around us are in fact, zombies.   The UNlifestyle guide includes: a section on zombie etiquette from celebrity etiquette expert, Dawn Bryan; zombie dating guidelines; dead sexy travel destinations; and more than 60 exclusive dead sexy deals with deep discounts on fashion, food, beauty, travel, and more.

 “This is the second-ever private sale in a book with targeted merchandise for readers,” said author and book producer Paula Conway.  “Companies that want to reach a particular demographic have a unique medium to offer a limited-time sale and a first-look at products that are rare and different.”

The author of "DEAD SEXY" is Paula Conway who wrote and produced “Throw a True Blood Party”, (Riverdale Avenue Books, 2013), the bestselling book "The Beauty BUYble" (Harper Collins, 2007),”The Everything Calorie Counting Cookbook” (Adams Media, 2007), and the upcoming "Turning Heads: Oscar Blandi's Celebrity Styles". "DEAD SEXY" is the second in a series of ebooks that will be written and curated by author Paula Conway to feature private sales for member readers.

All deals, discounts and offers require a unique code, varied and set by the merchandiser, which can only be obtained by purchasing the book. Many also have embedded links, only accessible through the book. 

Buy the ebook for $9.99 at Amazon and or the print version for $19.99 wherever books are sold.

About Riverdale Avenue Books
Riverdale Avenue Books publishes e-books, print, and audio books under seven imprints: Riverdale Pop a pop culture imprint; Riverdale/Magnus an award-winning publisher of LGBT titles; RAB HSF, a horror, science fiction and fantasy line; RAB Truth an erotic memoir line; RAB Desire an erotica and erotic romance imprint; and RAB Sports and RAB Gaming featuring sports and gaming titles. RAB, headed by industry veteran Lori Perkins, is a full service publisher, with a foreign rights and film agency department. Visit us at

About Paula Conway

Paula Conway is a book author and experienced marketer.  She wrote the best-selling book “The Beauty BUYble” (Harper Collins, 2007), The Everything Calorie Counting Cookbook” (Adams Media, 2007), and the upcoming "Turning Heads: Oscar Blandi's Celebrity Styles". Paula is the President of Astonish Media Group, a creative media company in New York City, and publisher of Conway Confidential syndicated lifestyle content.

Magnet Releasing Takes the World on HONEYMOON

New York (March 27, 2014) – The Wagner/Cuban Company’s Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, announced today that they have acquired world rights to HONEYMOON, the chilling directorial debut from Leigh Janiak, which had its world premiere at SXSW earlier this month. HONEYMOON features rising star Rose Leslie (HBO’s Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey) and Harry Treadaway (The Lone Ranger, Penny Dreadful). Janiak co-wrote the film with Phil Graziadei; Patrick Baker and Esmé Howard produced.

Leslie and Treadaway star as young newlyweds who travel to remote lake country for their honeymoon where the promise of private romance awaits them.  Shortly after arriving, Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of the night. As she becomes more distant and her behavior increasingly peculiar, Paul begins to suspect something more sinister than sleepwalking took place in the woods.

Christina Rogers and the Magnolia Pictures International team will be representing the film at the upcoming Marché du Film in Cannes. All international rights are available. 

HONEYMOON will next be featured at the Tribeca Film Festival in April. Magnet will release the film later this year. 

“HONEYMOON is an auspicious debut from the very talented Leigh Janiak, who has a preternatural mastery of tone and mounting dread, not to mention a deft hand with actors” said Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles. “Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway have stunning chemistry—they light up the screen.”

Said director Janiak: "I feel incredibly honored to have my first feature in Magnet's smart and expert hands. I'm so excited to work with them -- they're the perfect home for the film and I know they will do great things with it."

The deal was negotiated by SVP of Acquisitions Dori Begley and VP of Acquisitions Peter Van Steemburg with ICM Partners and the filmmakers legal counsel Evan Krauss of Gray Krauss Stratford Sandler Des Rochers LLP. Rose Leslie is repped by Hamilton Hodell (UK), UTA, and Anonymous Content; Harry Treadaway is repped by United Agents (UK), ICM Partners, and Principal Entertainment. 

About Magnet Releasing
Magnet is the genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, specializing in films from the vanguard of horror, action, comedy and Asian cinema, and the home of genre classics like Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In, Takeshi Miike’s 13 Assassins, Christopher Smith’s Black Death, Ti West’s The House of the Devil, Andre Ovredal’s Trollhunter, Gareth Edward’sMonsters, Neil Marshall’s sword and sandals bloodbath Centurion, and Tony Jaa’s Ong Baktrilogy to name a few. Recent releases include the terrifying anthologies V/H/S and V/H/S/2, horror anthology The ABCs of Death, Xan Cassavettes’ stylish vampire film Kiss of the Damned, sci-fi thriller The Last Days on Mars, and Israeli thriller Big Bad Wolves. Upcoming films include Ti West’s The Sacrament, the horror/comedy/musical hybrid Stage Fright, The ABCs of Death 2, The Protector 2 with Tony Jaaand many more.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fiji: The Beginning is the first novel in the series, Taming of the World

Fiji: The Beginning often blends the cultures and traditions of the Fijian multiculturalism in a fictional manner, and will keep the readers on edge as I take them into a different world. The novel is unique and the story is something different, and so is the setting, as it takes place in the laid back atmosphere of the Fiji Islands.

A little insight into the novel: What if the vengeance of a disgruntled soul, who was shunned for being barren when she was alive, is the reason for the birth of the Devil as a mortal? What if the Devil intends to be born to tame the mortal world and get rid of the chaos we have been plunged into? What if the dark night of Amawus, a legend in the Fiji Islands, has some truth to it? And what if Maya Smith and her friends unknowingly, and by threats from the vengeful soul, do take part in this? Do you think that the power of the Devil and the vengeful soul will succeed?

These are some of the questions, which two renowned witchdoctors in the Fiji Islands, need to get answers to and try to avoid the inevitable.

Synopsis: Fiji: The Beginning is a gripping, paranormal novel which often blurs the line between good and evil.
The mythical, dark night of Amawus, and grim warnings of its consequences, do not deter Maya Smith and her friends from sneaking out onto the open waters of the South Pacific. The night begins playful and daring, but quickly digresses into a horrendous nightmare when the girls are faced with a series of strange encounters. Yet their nightmare only begins when the girls return from their ill-fated journey and realize that what they bring back to the little community of Momi Bay is the vengeful ghost of Mariam Smith. Shunned for being barren during her brief life, Mariam returns determined to unleash a terror of unimaginable proportions.

Warned not to utter a word of their terrifying experience for a period of three months, the young women seek solitude, waiting for the time to elapse, unaware that the darker forces are gaining in strength, becoming even more powerful than the Island's most sacred witchdoctors. As the end of the three months approaches, something sinister begins to awake; something the whole world has forever feared... the birth of Satan as a mortal.

Fiji: The Beginning is the first novel in the series, Taming of the World.

Harun Shah/author/producer

Horror Documentary, Leviathan, takes the next big step

Horror documentary steps into next phase

Leviathan: The Making of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 completed it’s UK studio shoots this week with a great day interviewing Third assistant director, Rupert Ryle-Hidges, Beverly Pond-Jones, Make up Effects and Simon Sayce who’s main contribution to the production was the design and creation of the icon puzzle box, the Lament Configuration.

Simon was kind enough to show us some amazing treats including high resolution scans of the original designs, original layouts for the mechanical design and the first brass etching produced for the screen used boxes, though still in pristine condition and never used.

Simon also explained to us the proper method for making the boxes, something few outside the production know and he showed us some of the hidden meaning in the box designs, but you’ll have to watch the documentary yourself to find out what they are.

It has been an amazing journey so far for the whole team. Having had the chance to meet the people behind this classic film, including Doug Bradley, Kenneth Cranham and Geoff Portas to name but a few.

“Never it our wildest imaginations did we think that within 5 months we would have completed 24 UK interviews. We have been amazed with the amount of support given by the cast and crew as well as the fans.“ says producer and Co-Writer, Gary Smart

The documentary moves into the next stage in a few weeks with the team beginning its US phase of production to interview, amongst other, Tony Randall and pf course the man himself, Clive Barker.

“I’m so keen to meet Clive and get a chance to speak with him, not just for the documentary, which at the end of the day is exploring his creation, so needs his voice to make it complete but also as a film maker myself, meeting some one who is so creative and talented and achieved such great things, is a genuine thrill and honour”
Says Director K. John McDonagh.

Pencilled for an Autumn release worldwide, Leviathan has been going great guns since day one and hopes are high that this will give the fans of Hellraiser something they’ve never seen before.

You can keep up with the latest developments by via the facebook page

Devi Snively signed to WORLD OF HURT

Award-winning director Devi Snively to helm adaptation of “The Ventriloquist” for THOMAS TESSIER’S WORLD OF HURT anthology

NEW YORK, NY, March 18, 2014—Devi Snively, a participant in AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women, is set to adapt Thomas Tessier’s short story “The Ventriloquist” from his Remorseless (Sinister Grin Press) collection. Snively is the fourth of five directors signed to the THOMAS TESSIER WORLD OF HURT project.

“I’m a puppet enthusiast so I was expecting one thing from ‘The Ventriloquist’ based on the title,” Snively said, “and then discovered it was about an entirely different kind of puppet that proves far scarier than your average Charlie McCarthy or Chucky variety—I just adore surprises.”

“The Ventriloquist” is the story of Robbie, 21, who is in desperate need for a glimmer of hope after his girlfriend Suzy dumps him. He seeks out a gypsy card reader and the cards reveal that “what you want most is unopposed.” The next day, Suzy calls him… Snively will write and direct the Tessier story in 2014.

Indiana-based Devi Snively was selected to participant in the AFI prestigious Directing Workshop for Women where she helmed “Death in Charge,” which Dread Central praised as “an excellent filmmaker, one to watch for sure.” She teaches a course on horror films at the University of Notre Dame and has a strong record of festival showings and awards. For more information about Snively, visit

THOMAS TESSIER’S WORLD OF HURT is an anthology film consisting five stories published in his Remorseless and Ghost Music (Cemetery Dance Publications) collections. All Channel Films, Inc. will provide domestic (U.S.) and Canadian distribution and a film teaser can be viewed at

Snively joins directors Raymond Carr, Mia Sorensen and Darin Read in this anthology film.

The project is currently seeking qualified equity investors and lenders. Interested parties should contact Well Done Productions at

For more information:
All Channel Films, Inc.:

Friday, March 28, 2014

EVIL DEAD celebrates 200th performance with massive Undead Party Palooza this weekend

EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL hits milestone, throws party for fans

LAS VEGAS - March 25, 2014 - Evil Dead: The Musical, the official live stage show of the cult classic film franchise at the V Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, celebrates its 200th performance on March 29. In addition to offering specials on tickets for the show's fans throughout the month, the cast and crew are hosting what they have dubbed the "Undead Party Palooza" on Sunday March 30th at THE END, Las Vegas' only zombie-themed party venue. 

The party coincides with EVIL DEAD's hosting of the season finale episode of THE WALKING DEAD, making this the "must-be" place on Sunday for all fans of zombie, horror, and the undead.

On hand will be Fat Beard Studios, Zombien Nation, Valkyrie Komics, Sassy Chey Bows, and Cheeseboy Comics who are all donating prizes as well as showcasing memorabilia and items for perusal and sale. 

"Hitting our 200th performance is a great milestone," says Sirc Michaels, producer of the award-winning Evil Dead The Musical, "And with it coinciding with the season finale of THE WALKING DEAD, we can't ask for better timing. This allows us to throw a massive bash at the area's best venue for this sort of thing, with the greatest fans in the world!"

The entire cast of EVIL DEAD will be at the party, in costume, taking pics with fans. As the night progresses they've hinted at plans to have the Deadites and the Humans face off against one another, which should lead to some unique photo opportunities as well as give fans a chance to be right in the middle of the action.

The party will kick off at 7pm and will last until midnight. There will be 2 viewings of THE WALKING DEAD season finale - one at 8pm and one at 10:30pm. 

The evening will be full of prizes that will include tickets to area shows, WALKING DEAD merchandise, EVIL DEAD memorabilia, zombie-themed merchandise, and exclusive artwork from Las Vegas artist collective Valkyrie Komics. 

There will be a costume contest open to everyone attending the party, the winners of which will receive a variety of prizes. EVIL DEAD encourages fans to come out dressed as their favorite EVIL DEAD character, but any undead or zombie related costume is welcome.

Fans are encouraged to get to THE END early to ensure they get a good seat. The party is 100% free, and attendees must be 21 or over. 

WALKING DEAD Season Finale
EVIL DEAD 200th Performance

Sunday March 30th
7pm - midnight

3558 South Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas NV 

More information about EVIL DEAD's 200th performance and more details on the party please visit the EVIL DEAD website:

About Evil Dead: The Musical
Endorsed by Bruce Campbell, embraced by Sam Raimi, this is the official live stage show of the cult classic film trilogy. Evil Dead: The Musical is a unique award-winning production that combines multimedia, live performance, audience participation and 4D elements to put fans right into the heart of the experience. From undead ushers to blood spraying out into the audience, this musical comedy has broken ground for entertainment on the Vegas Strip, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Performances can be seen at the V Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 10 p.m. and Saturday at 11:30 p.m.
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