Friday, March 21, 2014

A Bloodstained Butterfly

A Bloodstained Butterfly is a short horror film, about fifteen minutes in length. Inspired by the slasher genre and video nasties. The story starts with a beautiful woman who is alone at home in a secluded house. It starts off as a traditional slasher film, in that we have the two female characters and a maniac stalking them, but that is just the beginning. The story becomes much more than a slasher film.

Starring: Aleksandra Rogalska, and Sylwia Piech

Directed and written by: David McCool

A Bloodstained Butterfly will be the first Polish language slasher film. They will be releasing both an English dub of the film, and a Polish language dub. Before that can happen they need your help, so please click the pic and support this project today!

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