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Tombstones is a collection of some of the finest dark verse and Horror themed literature, whilst exploring the various elements of dreams,erotica,Psychology and complete fear... Including the popular dark verse 'The Fallen Angel' and the powerfully erotic vampire tale of 'Blood Hungry'. Limited Edition Printed format available !  

Tombstones featuring;     
  Angel of Fire
Bed of Rust
    Blood Hungry
Dead Cell
      Echoes of a Sad Clown
      Midnight Masquerade
                                   The Fallen Angel (appeared in Sanitarium Magazine, Issue 14)
     The Crying Judas 
      Wheels of Damnation 

......includes  many more works of  Dark Verse & Horror themed literature  by the Master of Realities.

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About the Author
Anthony Crowley (born,1979, Birmingham,U.K). From a young age of 7 , Anthony began to take an interest in English literature and Poetry from an early childhood.Then throughout his teenage years he studied music and achieving song-writing skills,whilst still creating his visions. He also achieved a diploma in creative writing with a college located in,Oxford,England. Anthony has also written short stories for student newsletters,horror monthly's. The present day Anthony Crowley has written many works of literature & poetry,including 'The Fallen Angel' featured in Sanitarium Magazine ,issue 14. The work itself was also mentioned via a live radio podcast on the evening of Halloween 2013. 'The Devils Foot Soldier' was another dark verse which was inspired by the 'Slasher Icon' movie of 2011 'The Orphan Killer' which was positively recognised by the movies creators and the written piece is now featured at American based 'Blood Born Magazine' several more features and frequent media interviews and being ranked as 'one of the best Modern Authors in recent years' Forthcoming Novella 'The Mirrored Room' was ranked in the 'Semi-Finals' at 'authorsdB' Book Awards of 2013,and not forgetting being a trending Author for many consecutive months and a featured Author on numerous literature and Horror themed websites and more. Presently, Anthony Crowley (The Master Of Realities) is always creating new and exciting projects within the subjects of ,horror,supernatural,paranormal,occult and also historic references.

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