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The Myers House NC

Welcome to the boogeyman’s home away from home. The Myers House - North Carolina is a life-size replica of the infamous Michael Myers house from John Carpenter’s classic horror film HALLOWEEN. The house is located in rural Hillsborough, NC and is the personal residence of Kenny Caperton, Emily Currier and their two cats Loki and Siva. 

Here are a few facts about the house from its website...

"Owner Kenny Caperton has been fascinated with all things Halloween since he was a little kid and grew up watching the 80’s slasher flicks on late night cable television, but the blank pale face of serial killer Michael Myers stuck with him the most. Kenny’s favorite film to this day is still the original 1978 HALLOWEEN. And in 2008, at the age of 26, he reached a point in his life where he was ready to stop paying rent and wanted to find a place of his own without the annoyance of landlords. For a lifelong fan of the HALLOWEEN series, visiting the original Myers House (yes, it’s still standing!) in South Pasadena, California during the process of house-hunting can give you crazy ideas …so crazy they just might work - that is how the Myers House NC came to be. So what could have been just another cookie cutter starter home for a young couple became a custom made, life-sized tribute to a classic horror movie."

"As much as Kenny wanted to build the house as close to the original as possible, he and Emily realized early on that the interior spaces of the original house, which was built in 1888, were not practical for the place they would be living in for, most likely, their whole lives. So the NC version of the Myers House was designed to look as close as possible to the original house from the outside front and side views, but the interior and back of the house were intentionally altered to be livable by their vision and by modern standards. So the inside got a few extra bathrooms, bigger bedrooms and other interior alterations, but the important elements from the movie - Judith’s room, the staircase, the hallways, and the basic locations of the kitchen, dining room and living room are in the same places."

"The Myers House NC hosts several horror get-togethers throughout the year and also puts on a huge “Halloween Bash” in October every year. The house has been featured in dozens of online, newspaper and magazine articles since its completion. Websites including CNBC.COM, YAHOO.COM, and AOL.COM have included the house in front-page articles, and the house was even mentioned on ABC’s Good Morning America! In 2010, The Myers House NC was highlighted in a feature-length documentary about John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN titled Halloween: The Inside Story that aired on the Biography Channel. Kenny and Emily recently made an appearance on an episode of Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers TV show to talk about living in the house. Fellow HALLOWEEN fans from all over (New York, Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, Virginia, etc.) have traveled to visit the NC Spookhouse."

"Want to visit the boogeyman’s home away from home? We welcome anyone who wants to check out the The Myers House NC, but BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - sorry, but we can’t have random visitors just walking around our property while we’re not home. You must make an appointment before visiting the house."

Check out who has already visited the house...

Not only has the house had some famous visitors, but The Myers House NC is available for use as a filming location.

The house has been used in many projects including...

- TheGraveyard Boulevard “Make It Hurt” (Music Video) Mutantville Productions (pre-production)
 - "Honeyspider" Circa Sixty Seven Industries & The Myers House NC (post-production) 
- "Christmas Carvings" (Short Film) Last Call Pictures (2013)
- "All Hallows Evil - Lord of the Harvest" (Feature Film) Southlan-Films (2012)
- "Tar Heel Traveler" (Local News Segment) WRAL News Network (2012)

- "Revenge of the Sandman" (HALLOWEEN Feature Fan Film) Southlan-Films (2012)
-"Dark Deadly Dimensions" (Fangovision 3D Short Film) Fangoria (2012)

Here's the house in "Christmas Carvings": 

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