Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fiji: The Beginning is the first novel in the series, Taming of the World

Fiji: The Beginning often blends the cultures and traditions of the Fijian multiculturalism in a fictional manner, and will keep the readers on edge as I take them into a different world. The novel is unique and the story is something different, and so is the setting, as it takes place in the laid back atmosphere of the Fiji Islands.

A little insight into the novel: What if the vengeance of a disgruntled soul, who was shunned for being barren when she was alive, is the reason for the birth of the Devil as a mortal? What if the Devil intends to be born to tame the mortal world and get rid of the chaos we have been plunged into? What if the dark night of Amawus, a legend in the Fiji Islands, has some truth to it? And what if Maya Smith and her friends unknowingly, and by threats from the vengeful soul, do take part in this? Do you think that the power of the Devil and the vengeful soul will succeed?

These are some of the questions, which two renowned witchdoctors in the Fiji Islands, need to get answers to and try to avoid the inevitable.

Synopsis: Fiji: The Beginning is a gripping, paranormal novel which often blurs the line between good and evil.
The mythical, dark night of Amawus, and grim warnings of its consequences, do not deter Maya Smith and her friends from sneaking out onto the open waters of the South Pacific. The night begins playful and daring, but quickly digresses into a horrendous nightmare when the girls are faced with a series of strange encounters. Yet their nightmare only begins when the girls return from their ill-fated journey and realize that what they bring back to the little community of Momi Bay is the vengeful ghost of Mariam Smith. Shunned for being barren during her brief life, Mariam returns determined to unleash a terror of unimaginable proportions.

Warned not to utter a word of their terrifying experience for a period of three months, the young women seek solitude, waiting for the time to elapse, unaware that the darker forces are gaining in strength, becoming even more powerful than the Island's most sacred witchdoctors. As the end of the three months approaches, something sinister begins to awake; something the whole world has forever feared... the birth of Satan as a mortal.

Fiji: The Beginning is the first novel in the series, Taming of the World.

Harun Shah/author/producer

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