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And what is the campaign for “Arise” about…

Arise is the story of a lone warrior, Thanatos, and his companion, Dinah, trying to battle their way through a zombie infested town. Thanatos' goal is to survive long enough to get to his home - a heavily fortified safe zone that was designed for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. See, Thanatos isn't your average person. He's a conspiracy theorist who believed that the zombie invasion was coming.  ...And he was right.

Arise is an intellectual property held by Satyrn Studios, an entertainment company based out of the DFW region in Texas. Arise is starting off as a six-issue limited comic book series that will be turned into a graphic novel upon completion of the series. The Arise IP will go beyond the comic and span into the realm of film, video games, action figures, and more. Currently, there is a short film already released and a video game underway. The first issue of the Arise comic book is already completed. The series is written by Satyrn Studios owner Jay Reiter. The artwork for the first issue was done by legendary horror artist Vince Locke (, with colors done by Lauren Affe. The second through sixth issues will have artwork by James Whynot and colors by Jay Reiter.

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