Thursday, March 20, 2014

ZEDS Zombie Collectibles

ZEDS Zombie Collectibles is an original series of zombie busts that are hand-sculpted, cast and painted. Introducing ... Jeff the Geek!

Here's a brief look behind the scenes at the creative process, which requires four steps: Sketching, Sculpting, Casting, and Painting.

And what do you get...

Here’s another look at the process with more details…

Jeff the Geek is the first in our series of ZEDS Zombie Collectibles, which include Lopez the Hipster, and Glitter the Dancer!

We're offering Jeff the Geek in unpainted and painted versions. Unpainted versions come in your choice of white or gray – it's your chance to paint your own zombie! Jeffstands 7" tall, 4" wide/deep, and weighs 3 lbs. The painted version comes with a felt base pad while the unpainted versions come with self-adhesive felt base pads which you can attach after you've painted yours.

Everyone wants a chance to paint their own zombie so please click the pic and help support this project today!

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