We are a horror photography team comprised of two models Missy Poison and Luna Wolf and two photographers Hell's Belles Photography and Addison Duggan Photography. The models are known as the Evil Twins and feature monthly in Malevolent Magazine and Haunted After Dark Magazine.

Check out one of their photo shoots...

“I'm a horror and conceptual photographer based in lovely St. Augustine, FL. I've been taking pictures for a very long time. When I was six I used to make crudely drawn crayon portraits of myself as intrepid photojournalist Vicki Vale, because you know, Batman. I also like to make monsters. The majority of the creatures, costumes, and eerie effects you'll see throughout this site were achieved in-camera with makeup, props, and lighting. Don't like monsters? I take pictures of things that aren't monsters too. Over the years I've dabbled in many types of photography, but I'm especially fond of shooting events, wildlife, and my dog.

When I'm not being a photographer I'm a scientist, and that's pretty cool.”

Here are some examples of the photography:

"Horror photography, urban exploration, and hdr photos and anything else my crazy mind can come up with"

Here are examples of the photography:

“I don’t do my work to shock or gore for gores sake, I’m simply making visual comments on life and the human species. The evening news is far more upsetting than anything I could ever produce – and that is fact. My work is purely fiction based on reality.” 

Here are examples of the photography: 

"I take very special care in creating my images, from concept to delivery. Each and every one of my pieces holds special meaning for me.

As a child I had horrific nightmares. I was always terrified of the dark and what was lurking in the corners, the closet or under my bed. I learned to embrace the unknown and eventually found ways to welcome the twisted images that haunted my dreams. I opened my mind to this new world I had created where the deformed, the bizarre and the unconventional were beautiful, sensual and above all, accepted."

Here are examples of the photography:

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