Hidden Horrors You Must See is a blog dedicated to exposing horror fans to all of the wonderful horror media they might have missed. James J. Coker started Hidden Horrors You Must See as a community page on Facebook with a goal of informing horror fans about little-known horror films, underrated sequels, underrated gems and the best in anthology horror television. This blog is an extension of that Facebook page. As such everything reviewed is a product that we feel is worth your time and energy. Also, we don't write any negative reviews as that is not our emphasis.

The Horror Movies Blog offers all the horror movies reviews, updates, horror stories and much more. 

The idea for this blog came from a lifetime spent being a horrible nerd and watching far too many awful and also great horror movies… The title of this blog comes from a favourite teenage past time, and that is getting drunk in a graveyard – not glamorous I assure you, but if the movie “Gravedancers” taught us anything (and it didn’t), becoming intoxicated in a cemetery is a perfect premise for fun, hilarity, and other nonsense.  Enjoy and stay spooky!

If you love retro horror than this is the place for you. Reviews with a personal touch. Sharing memories of horror with you.


A unique website to find Haunted Attractions and all spooky things related to HALLOWEEN. All under one scary roof!

The Zombie Site is a celebration of zombie movies, from the birth of the genre in the 1930s all the way to the present day, modern horror zombie films.

The Horror Honeys is a collection of strong minded, badass women with foul mouths who are in love with all things horror. We write, live tweet, interview, rant and rave about everything we love (and hate) about the horror genre. 

The Horror Honeys are Full-On Female Fronted Horror, without all that bullshit about being a victim.

Celebrating the Best Geek Content from around the world! Features, shorts, web series, trailers, fan films, parody music videos and more!

Welcome to Creepy Little Stories. Find original creepy stories here and comment on your favorites!

Treats From The Underground is an extreme music & horror webzine that has been covering the underground scene since 1997... Within the webzine you can find tons of interviews, Music Reviews, Horror Movie Reviews, Links to tons of sites (Bands, Labels, Webzines, Horror & Other Cool sites) & lots more!

Guys who love to watch and review scary movies.

Check out reviews and follow my weekly journal on making short horror films.

Check out for news and reviews in the world of slasher films.

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