Thursday, February 28, 2013

CineMayhem Film Festival

Looking for something to do this weekend? How about attending the CineMayhem Film Festival March 2nd & 3rd at the Muvico Theater in Thousand Oaks, CA.? 

Celebrating the past, present & future of Independent Genre Filmmaking with the WORLD PREMIERE of ROADSIDE by Eric England and Special Screenings of THE ABC'S OF DEATH, K-11, RESOLUTION and BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE as well as many other great indie features and shorts by filmmakers across the globe.

They will be showing all of the aforementioned movies, along with these great movies…

Through a series of tragic events, a middle aged man grows to suspect the negative impulses plaguing his mind may not be his own

Set in the candy-colored world of 1950s suburbia, a reluctant young housewife suspects that the friendly neighborhood dentist is hiding a horrible secret, but is it just the anesthesia at work or is there something more sinister hiding below the surface? Open up and say AHHHHHHHH!

Alpha Gamma Theta are hosting a party for new pledges for the upcoming year. As the new pledges arrive, so does an uninvited guest. Little do the sisters know someone is watching them in the shadows. As the girls shower, study, eat and sleep the stalker studies the girls. One by one he finds the girls at their most vulnerable and murders them. The police hunt for the missing girls and their killer, but will they find them in time? Or will the girls be forced to fight for their lives

Ellen and James live alone in a silent maze of uniform houses populated only by spectral shrieking foxes. No neighbours means no business for Ellen’s photographic portrait studio. James commutes to and from work each day, leaving in the morning, returning at dusk.

Ellen spends her time photographing the foxes. The creatures seem to beckon. She follows them into a feral and twilight world. Ellen’s pastime becomes an obsession. An obsession that alienates James.
James confronts Ellen. She flees the house, vanishing into the endless rows of overgrown gardens. 

Night falls and she does not return. James’ search yields nothing. James is left alone in the silent maze. Weeks pass as he tries to cope with the isolation. Trying to get on with it. Trying to ignore the shrieking creatures that call from outside the house, beckoning.

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Out of Stone

New horror book, OUT OF STONE by john g rees, tells the story of the sculptor of Evil and her adopted Aunt.

Ocean View, Hawaii – February 2013. Black Water Books announces the bloody initial release of john g rees’ new HORROR novel, Out of Stone, today.

 Out of Stone takes two characters from his earlier award-winning anoxic zone series and gives them headline roles. They fulfill them rather tremendously; bringing us into worlds we did not know existed, showing us horrors from theirs and other lives that immediately become our own.

 Sechra may have been a child when she was salvaged from the revolution, but not before witnessing the barbaric nature of the enemy. The nightmares she lived through could not be forgotten, nor the odium in her soul. She hid the execration behind sparkling eyes and a seemingly open nature. Just behind her eyes, however, lurked something entirely disturbing. Sechra’s subconscious found release through her artistic abilities. No one initially thought anything of her renderings other than they lent themselves to the macabre. The hideous subject matter was overlooked, as it seemed a cathartic for the young woman.

 What wasn’t seen, however, was the dark hand that guided her artwork, or the deep-seated hatred that gave strength to her arms and hands to create it. Not until it was too late, that is.

 Her aunt, Karuna Danesti, raised the young Sechra. Her love for the child kept her from seeing the darkness within the girl’s work. Let us say ‘love is blind’. But love is also unconditional. Karuna would do anything to save Sechra from a fate worse than death.


 Sechra’s journey takes her back into the Transylvanian Alps of her youth. The hardship of traveling by motorcycle deep into the mountains is nothing compared to what awaits her at the end of the road. Karuna flees Romania only to return to its distant past in an effort to salvage the future, Sechra, and herself.

 Evil is not something that wishes to be put away in the darkness, to be shuttered out of the light and out of sight, as we would like it to be. No, it wants to live among men and be the very bane of their existence.

 The epic, award winning anoxic zone series continues on with john g rees’ Out Of Stone. If you thought evil had been put to rest with his previous novels, think again.

TITLE: Out of Stone            AUTHOR: john g rees 
ISBN 978-0-983-19207-7 Book
ISBN 978-0-983-19208-4 .ePub
ISBN 978-0-983-19209-1 .mobi

Publisher: Black Water Books   5.5”x 8.5” softcover
February, 2013

Trailer Thursday... getting you ready for the weekend!

Here are some trailers to get you ready for this weekend’s horror movie releases:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Facility 31

Rosie Hinton, an officer in the British Army and now a convicted military prisoner is on her final work detail before being released back to her unit. Along with five other detainees they are tasked with cleaning a long deserted military facility but when they arrive it gradually becomes clear that the bunker is not as abandoned as they were lead to believe.

Starring: Emily Wyatt, Jason Bailey, Rachel Warren, and James Thompson

Directed and written by: David Hawk

Produced by: Mark Kenna | AMPS

Coming soon!

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Producers of Sorrow Launch Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Producers of Sorrow Launch Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign
 The goal is to raise $14,000 to fund the pre-production of this horror film which is a tribute to the 1970s horror genre

HOUSTON, TX – A Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign is now underway to raise a total of $14,000 to complete the Pre-Production and to secure investors for Sorrow; an independent film that’s best compared to the movie "The Devils Rejects" as the characters in Sorrow are similar also with a drama crime scene element.”

Mila a forensic psychologist from Salt lake City, Utah is brutally attacked by a couple serial killers, Dale and Hersey. After being taken hostage and tortured for days she manages to escape and decides to exact revenge against her aggressors. Now she faces the results of her actions, as local police are moving in closer. 

Filmed on location in Moab, Utah, 15 minutes of Sorrow have already been filmed. The producers are now seeking funds to cover filming for the remaining 76 minutes of the film. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise a total of $14,000 to complete Pre-Production and to secure investors. No donation is too large or small contributors can donate any amount ranging from $1.00 to $5,000 or more. 

The contributors won’t walk away empty-handed when they support this independent film they’ll receive a special “thank you” a DVD of the film, even tickets to the film’s opening premiere, executive producer’s credit, and even a walk-on role in the film depending on their favorite perk ranging from $1.00 to $5,000. 

(Mary Etuk/Hersey, Issac Meyer/MU - October 7th, 2011)

We plan on Shooting on an Epic RED along with various Ziess Lenses and additional equipment provided by Champion Entertainment.

To make a contribution or to learn more about Sorrow visit

Learn more about the film Sorrow by visiting

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pumpkin Teeth

A great gift for your vampire, Halloween, Pumpkin fanatics & artists, crafters, alike. Also check out our Movie/Theater Quality Thermal molded fangs for you to wear. Don’t forget to carve Watermelons, Gourds, and Squash for awesome Halloween Creatures!

As seen and recomended in Martha Stewart's Craft Blog.
Guaranteed Lowest Wholesale & Retail Prices anywhere. Invented 9 yrs ago, also great for doll, mask, costume, teddy bear making etc..

Here are a few examples of what you can purchase today…

You get Fangs: 8 Lg., 12 Med., 16 Small, and you also get Buckteeth: 8 Lg., 12 Med., 16 Small

Special set Includes 12 packs of Pumpkinteeth
6 packs of Glow in the Dark. 3 Buck, 3 Fang in Lg, Med, Sm
6 Packs of Bright white.. 3 Buck, 3 Fang in Lg, Med, Sm
144 Teeth in total

You get 4 Lg., 4 Med., 8 Small

36 TEETH in Total: 8 Lg.,12 Med., 16 Small

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Treasure Chest of Horrors 2- DVD Artwork, Release Date, and T-Shirt


Above is the Official DVD COVER ART for TREASURE CHEST OF HORRORS II.  The film was recently picked up for distribution by WILD EYE RELEASING for an April 23, 2013 DVD release date.  The film is currently available for pre-order for just $9.99, link below.

From Executive Producer's James Cullen Bressack (My Pure Joy, HATE CRIME) and Jarret Cohen at Psykik Junky Pictures and directors Doug Waugh, Shawn C. Phillips, and Alex Powers comes the second installment in the TREASURE CHEST OF HORRORS ANTHOLOGY series starring Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci (Bloody Mary 3D) Shawn C. Phillips (Don & Murph),  James Cullen Bressack, Nick Clarck (Hate Crime) Joseph Frantz (CKY & VIVA LA BAM), and Miles Dougal (Detroit Rock City & Chillerama)

Official T-shirts for the film were also released! You can grab a T-Shirt with the Sexy/Beautiful Veronica Ricci on it at this link  (who doesn't want to wear Veronica Ricci and Treasure Chest of Horrors T-shirts with pride?) :

Synopsis: "Sexy, sinful horror host Mona Screamalot (Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci) and her crazy backwoods family invite you to take a seat on the couch as they serve up six sick short films from their secret stash of horror trash. Featuring the work of emerging genre directors, this is a bloody and brain-numbing buffet of the bizarre."

Here is a little teaser trailer to keep you tided over until the release:

Here is a link to the Official FACEBOOK Fan Page:

Here is a link to Pre-order the film on DVD for just $9.99:

Here is the IMDB:

Today's DVD Releases!

Here are some of the horror DVD releases for Feb. 26:

Monday, February 25, 2013


The film is a dark psychological thriller that follows Kelly as she discovers dark secrets about her past. Her friends Kacy and Nikki try to help her as she slowly loses her grip on reality.

Written and Directed by: Brian Targett

Produced by: Everett Burgan

Coming Soon!

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Diabolique Webcast Episode No. 16: Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958)

Episode No. 16: Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958)

Boston journalist, Steve Head and David Kleiler discuss Hitchcock’s masterpiece, VERTIGO, which is part of the new ‘Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection’ from Universal. Click Here to Listen!

PLUS: DIABOLIQUE WEBCAST Episode No. 15: Paranormal Activity 4 Interview with Kathryn Newton (2012)

Steve Head interviews the star of Paranormal Activity 4, Kathryn Newton. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The 7th Annual Dark Carnival International Film Festival

The 7th Annual Dark Carnival International Film Festival

August 30-31, 2013 in Columbus, Indiana

Founded more than 7 years ago, the Dark Carnival International Film Festival strives to be the premier event for screening the best independent horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy films. Our mission is to put fans and filmmakers first and present fantastic films from the four corners of the globe. Many of the movies from past Dark Carnival Festivals have been picked up for distribution by major companies, and our event has provided numerous networking opportunities for visiting filmmakers.

Dark Carnival is a celebration of horror, featuring live entertainment, merchandise vendors, special guests and film screenings. It’s a different show every year, and Dark Carnival events have included outdoor drive-in film screenings, costume contests, dance parties, sideshows, horror hosts, filmmaking seminars, burlesque dancers, live fire shows and more!

The call for entries is now open for the seventh annual Dark Carnival International Film Festival. The festival invites all filmmakers from around the world to submit their films. We are searching for the best in horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and animation. We accept shorts, features, and trailers, and we’re looking for the unique and unusual – documentaries, experimental films, music videos and more are all welcome.

Learn more about submitting your film at:

The schedule of events, and guests are still in the works. For more information, please visit:

You can also find more on Twitter, and Facebook!
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