Monday, March 31, 2014

Cameras Rolling On Western Horror Movie

Set In the old west, two desperadoes Wylie and Callie target a big landowner and his daughter. Things quickly go wrong for them and in the end, justice at the hands of their own evil deeds.

United States -- -- Mar 17, 2014 -- TISHOMINGO, Ok., and HENRYETTA, Ok. (March 17, 2014) -- It's happening! Cameras will be rolling on a new western horror movie that's filming in April at Sipokni West in Reagan OK (near Tishomingo) and Buzzard Roost Ranch near Henryetta, in Dustin OK.

The new movie is called "No Rest For The Wicked" starring Devin Derrick (OK), Briana Looby (OK), Jodi Lynn Thomas (NM), Rich Porter (CA), Philip Paz (OK), Ken McCall (OK), Brenda-Marie Whitehead (OK), John Scamehorn (OK), Johnny Shackleford (OK) and Ray Dickerson (OK). The screenplay was written by Alex Whitmer and Brenda-Marie Whitehead. The film will be directed by Jason Smolesky from Arizona along with an excellent film crew from Oklahoma University and more.

The 30 minute short film is set In the old west. Two desperadoes Wylie and Callie, set out to find a little something for an old friend in exchange for a place to lay low. They target a big landowner and his daughter in hopes they would have lots of cash lying around. What they find is gold and two land deeds. While planning their future, things go quickly wrong for them.

"We have a great talent pool, and film extras will be needed from the Tishomingo Oklahoma area", says casting director Rocky Whitehead. "Extras" casting will be on Sunday March 30th from 2:00pm to 3:30pm at the Sipokni West movie location at 2200 S Sawmill Rd., in Reagan, OK. Do you have a western look? Bring head shot and contact information if available. They are looking for maybe 10 to 12 hopefuls for extras. There's no pay, but those chosen will get a credit in the film & on the DVD, see how a movie is made, and possibly get promoted to a featured extra. "Western attire, and of course acting experience would be a huge plus" says films script writer Brenda-Marie Whitehead who also has a cameo as "Josephine" in the film.

This film is hoping to be accepted at several film festivals all over the world. Brenda-Marie says she's also entertaining the thought of expanding her screenplay into a full length feature film in the near future. 

Fundraising for the film continues for those that would like to be involved. Many great last minute perks available at

Visit the Official movie websiteFacebook and their sponsors.

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