Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Island of Witches

"COVEN" meets "RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK" in this action packed adventure thriller about an ancient coven of witches, trapped by the forces of good, who lie in wait... 

In the present day, a skeptical archaeologist (Marcus Rush) has been on a quest to find evidence of the supernatural, and has finally found hard evidence giving him the location of an island where he will find the centuries-old, dead-and-buried coven of witches. Devious individuals who want the Coven for themselves try to stop him, so Marcus cons a group of hard-core mercenaries into joining him for protection. Not long after arriving, Marcus and his team are assaulted by a group of soldiers intent on getting to the Coven first. The action builds through firefights all over the island, followed by an even more disturbing revelation...

Starring William "Bill" Smith: "Conan the Barbarian," "Red Dawn," "Any Which Way You Can." and James "Jim" Winburn, stunt actor as "Michael Meyers" in very first "Halloween" movie

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