Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Scares: "Missing"

A man and his 92 year old grandmother, kidnap, torture and kill random women.

Starring: Ron Swallow, Jean Lohof, Fernanda Torres, Nicole Malgarini, and Kayla Hendry

Directed and written by: Joey Medina

Here’s a little about the film from Joey Medina before you watch it…

The idea for "MISSING" came about when I imagine what a black and white film with only one color would look like. I thought to myself a black and white horror film where the only color was red would really look interesting. I decided this will be the project I will practice my shooting, lighting and editing skills on. I've directed several times before but this would be the first time I took on all the other responsibilities.

As a professional comedian most of my filmmaking projects are comedies, so I knew if I were to produce a horror film that it would have to be as dark and disturbing as possible. So with that the idea for "MISSING" was born. I set out to make a film that would be hard to watch for the viewer. I wanted the viewer to feel what the victims in the film were experiencing. I made sure to keep the viewer at arms distance away, close to the torture and suffering.

Having almost zero budget I built many props myself and designed many of the makeup effects as well. I spent about six weeks preparing for the shoot, including writing and casting. The shoot itself took three days with a partial crew for only half the time.  No one was paid and everyone on the cast and crew happily volunteered their time and talent. I truly enjoyed making this film and enjoyed throwing my hat into one of the greatest genres of cinema.

Now it’s time to enjoy this fantastically bloody film…

As an added bonus, here’s a behind the scenes look at the film…

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