Friday, March 14, 2014

The Book on Killing Zombies

"The way Dr. Wright examines zombie's traits from a scientific, yet comprehendible, manner is extremely entertaining. A fun-filled read that I would highly recommend!"

"This is by far one of the best books I have read..."

"I encourage everyone to add this to your zombie apocalypse preparation..."

Have you ever wondered if the only way to kill a zombie would actually be limited to a direct blow to the brain as depicted in the movies or in this hysteria of pop-culture lore?

Have you ever wondered if a Zombie Apocalypse could actually occur? 

Well now you finally have these answers. 

You will learn how to kill zombies during an apocalypse using knowledge now bestowed upon you by an actual medical doctor. Learn how to neutralize a zombie and learn indirect ways to ultimately annihilate its brain by way of:

1. Zombie Hydration
2. Zombie Blood Loss
3. Zombie Immunology & Infections
4. The Zombie Cardiovascular System
5. Zombie Lung Function and Oxygenation
6. Zombie Orthopedics
7. Zombie Digestion & Metabolism 
8. Thermal Conditions & Injuries 
9. Zombie Neurology 

Finally, a brilliant work written by a medical doctor who, unlike most authors of this popular zombie genre, has the ability to get down to the root the anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry of any would-be zombies and incorporates that knowledge to give his audience a fascinating read that can be satirically macabre in a way that can only be best captured by a physician. Even if you aren’t a zombie fan, this conversation starter is a must read that should be on everyone’s coffee table, or in their Kindle or other ebook reading device.

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