Monday, March 24, 2014

Characula, the ‘Monster Mol’, releases disturbing new video

Soul sucking, tarantulamunching she-demon does theerotically charged‘Mummy Dance’

Defying explanation and categorisation, Characula is a horrorrock goddess with a difference. Currently living in Southern California, she is neither vampire, nor werewolf, mummy norany other creature known from myth and folklore. Part sci-fi, part horror and all glamour, she-demon Characula is an entity to behold –and hear!

When she’s not devouring tarantulas or sucking the souls from the anciently departed, Characula has built herself a reputation as an ardent participant in ménage-a-monsters, scouring the streets for creatures and taking them to her bed. She is a black widow and seducer of B-movie incarnates. A literal lady of the night!

The video for her new song ‘Mummy Dance’ is a startling, frightening introduction to the character, showing the ghoulish temptress in full flow:
Uber-eccentric and a progenitor of sizzling sci-fi seduction,Characula is the alter-ego of singer-songwriter Cheri Anaclerio, who is looking to make the rock-horror character into an edgy, memorable reflection of her own spiralling imagination.

It’s a truly unique musical project, produced by renowned rock specialist Dito Godwin (No Doubt, Great White, KISS, Motley Crue). With an album on the way, ‘Mummy Dance’ is our first glimpse into the unknown – a fever dream the likes of which we’ve not seen before.

Find out more about Characula:

(Photography byMartin Julian CSC/SunnylandPictures)

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