Friday, March 21, 2014

Flashback Friday: Morningstars

Welcome to Flashback Friday where we take a look at a past promotion!


“Highly addictive and near impossible to put down”

“Reading this book is better than watching a movie”

“Kept me on the edge of my seat”

“Once I started it I was totally sucked in”

“An engaging novel that you won't want to put down....even if a demon tells you to” 

Wow, a must read even if a demon tells you not too! So what's it about...

While at his dying wife's bedside, Louis Darque, a recently promoted detective, is confronted by his absentee biological father, a demon named B’lial. The demon offers Louis the chance to save the life of his wife if he ‘works’ for him on earth. He informs him that because of his mixed blood he has certain demonic traits, such as immortality and the ability to travel to and from Hell. While Louis attempts to solve a series of murders on Earth and battles in Hell, he finds he has a twin brother: Obscure. In an effort to save the world from their father, and so Louis can have peace and Obscure the missing darkness he so craves, the two team up to fight B’lial on his own turf…..and Hell makes it clear that Louis is certainly not welcome there….Sounds like that is going to be quite a fight. 

Find out how this fight ends by getting your copy today at:


For more information about ‘Morningstars’ and author Nick Kisella, please visit:

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