Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Sugar Skull Girls

Introducing the Sugar Skull Girls…




Get a better look at them, and what’s in store for them in this teaser…

The Sugar Skull Girls are a result of a resurrection gone wrong. When Demetrius (John Amplas,MartinDay of the Dead) hires a witch (Leslie Easterbrook, The Devil's Rejects, Police Academy) to resurrect his dead grand-daughter the spell accidentally conjures three neo-gothic sisters from a supernatural world called "The Shadow". When the Queen of the Shadow, The Pale Witch (Carmela Hayslett) realizes the girls have vanished from her tyranny she sends her pumpkin soldiers and other creatures out to collect them. The film also stars Michael Berryman (Hills Have Eyes) and Addy Miller (The Walking Dead) as the Alpha sister, forever 14 year old vampire-- Luna.

This film is reminiscent of family films from our childhoods like The Muppets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dark Crystal, combining puppetry with production models and visual effects. 

The cast and crew are ready to make what’s sure to be an awesome film, but first they need your help. Please click the pic, and help support this campaign today!

For more information, please visit the film’s IMDB page!

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