Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Scares: Double Feature from Midnight Prestige

Today’s Sunday Scare is a double feature plus a bonus treat from…

The first short film is “February 4th

Shot on February 4th, 2007 in Toeldo, Ohio, the movie has been gathering dust in a closet since then. With final sound editing and picture tweaking done in July 2013. Four college students made a birthday present for the zombie king himself George A. Romero. Shot from the point of view of one of the survivors, completely improvised, and influenced by classic zombie movies, February 4th shows what can happen to you if you are not prepared for the zombie apocalypse.


The second film is called “Sadie Jane”

On Halloween, three old friends try to summon the legendary Sadie Jane through their bathroom mirror. It's just a little harmless fun... Until one by one... 


And now for the bonus…

Schlock Shock Radio
Started by Stephen Snowden, Schlock Shock Radio are horror radio dramas that we record our lines from around the country on our phones, send them to Stephen, and he edits them into the stories you find in the links. We currently have two, Fright Train and The Maumer.

Fright Train (Acts 1-5)
As ex-bandit, Shaw travels aboard the 1800's Central Pacific Railroad towards a better life in California, he befriends a mysterious school teacher, Ms. Josephine Tate and before long the two discover that not all is as it seems on board the FRIGHT TRAIN!

The Maumer
Another terrifying installment from Schlock Shock Radio awaits! A man awakes on a river's edge, trapped, and close to death. As he fights for survival something watches him in the woods...something from his own past.


For more information, please follow them on Twitter!

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