Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Horror Themed Music Video: Smacktown - Beast Mode II

Electronic Hip-Hop Duo SMACKTOWN Debut New Horror Themed Music Video for “Beast Mode II” –
Featuring Locksmith

Watch it Now:

Often, rappers will make a straight forward music video to their song by finding some kind of "Urban" scenery and rap straight to the camera with some cool b-roll and film editing. Australian duo SMACKTOWN are successfully known for their in your face, storytelling film clips that usually cause somewhat of a controversy especially after their previous single "Chelsea Grin" which involves black magic and a Corrupt Businessman & Catholic Nun getting their faces sliced. ‘Beast Mode II’ has already exceeded that exception to the limit where no publicist will promote it and all mainstream blogs refuse too post it due to being scared of the content. With an opening disclaimer that warns any fake rappers that watch the video will be "Cursed" - the video is filled with drugs, alcohol, guns, blood and more, all with-in one scary cabin. 

This video has quickly become a must watch for any Horror film lover.
Smacktown - Beast Mode II (Feat. Locksmith) 

Want more from SMACKTOWN? Watch two other videos released recently:
Chelsea Grin (Feat. Jarren Benton, Jeff Turner, AntiMatter & Matuse)
Powerless (official video)

For more information on SMACKTOWN, please visit these websites:

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