Sunday, April 12, 2015

Paradise Burns

Disgraced former detective, Rudy Patchiss, has reinvented himself as a private investigator specializing in missing persons. He is hired to find college student, Jennifer Acres, and travels to the mountains near the Canadian border to plumb an underground world of sex, drugs, and rock n roll. What he finds is a deeper, more ancient evil that claims lives without being noticed in our modern day world. His investigation brings him to an urban nightmare city, a club called Paradise, and into a relationship with a tattooed bartender, Stacy, who tries to point him in the right direction. Ultimately, his work leads him deep into the mountains to a place that can truly be called Paradise; a place where there are no boundaries, no rules, no limits. It is a place of ultimate freedom that can be one mans Heaven and another mans Hell.

Here are just a few of the great things being said about this book…

"5 stars. A must read for horror/noir/crime lovers!"

"The story grabs you from the very beginning and leaves you contemplating your own morals and ethics long after the journey is over."

"Marc E. Fitch is a great author and grabs your attention from the very beginning! The storyline was well written, and sucks the reader right in. I thought that the characters were easy to connect to and the reader will feel as if they know them personally. Paradise Burns is dark and creepy but an awesome read! You won't be able to put it down once you get started! Highly recommended!"

"Any horror or crime lover would be crazy not to read this book. Easily the book of the year."

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About the author:

Marc E. Fitch is a graduate of the Western Connecticut State University Master of Fine Arts Program.  He has been the recipient of the W.C.S.U. Barbara Winder Award and the Connecticut Review’s Leslie Leeds Poetry Award.  He is the author of Paranormal Nation: Why America Needs Ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot (Praeger) and his fiction has appeared in such publications as ThugLit, The Big Click, The Connecticut Review, and in Cezanne’s Carrot.  He currently lives in Harwinton, CT with his wife and four children and works in the field of mental health.

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