Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Events Surrounding A Peeping Tom & The Horror That Followed

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The Events Surrounding a Peeping Tom & the Horror That Followed is the disturbing story of Martin Malone, a lonely Peeping Tom who finds himself caught and arrested following a misstep. As he nears the end of his court-mandated rehabilitation, Martin is still unable to fight his urges and begins to peep again. It is then that he discovers Rowan, the girl of his dreams. As his obsession with her grows, he begins to suspect that she may be involved with the occult. Using his peeping skills, Martin begins an investigation that leads him down a twisted path to something more horrible than anything he could ever imagine and realizes that all the while, he's being watched himself...

This is a character driven tale examining the psychology of voyeurism in our postmodern world of hyper-surveillance. A dark romance that finds two strangers falling in love, then falling further into something else... An exploration of being trapped by our desires and the ghosts of our pasts. Who watches us when we are alone, exposing our true selves?

Starring: Hannah Fierman, and Damian Maffei

Written and directed by: Brian James Fitzpatrick

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