Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book of Perdition

The creation of this has been a massive labor of love and devotion to the art of black magic and Theistic Satanism. NEVER before has a Theistic Satanic Bible been created - until today. 

This text is under copyright protection, and I will defend my rights to it voraciously. It is under editing protection lock and in RTF Format. Very soon, I will be publishing printed, leather-bound copies of this, The Book of the Nine Kings.

The Book of the Nine Kings is ten chapters, 97 pages and 7700 words long - PACKED with powerful, vital and original material and script. Throughout these ten chapters, you will learn of what all of the nine ruling kings of the demonic hierarchy have to offer. King Belial, Beleth, Asmoday, Paimon, Purson Vine, Zagan, Baal and Balam. The first chapter is titled Illumination. 

The Book of Perdition is going to be split into three books, much akin to the Holy Bible. If this first book, The Book of the Nine Kings, reaches approval of those whom seek change, then I will begin work on publishing the second segment of the Unholy Bible, titled "The Book of Subjugation". The third book is to be the grandest of all, and will embrace the epitomes of Satanism such as the corruption of Eden, Lucifuge, Lucifer and many other aspects. 

This is the first MASSIVE step forward, towards my pledged and pact-made decree to shift the balance of power between Christ and Satan. 

Make history with me here and now. 

I implore you to buy, read AND review this book. If you are serious about the craft, tell others. Tell everybody. Not for the sake of prosperity - but for the sake of CHANGE. 

Take this step with me into a new era of Satanism, and empower yourself. 

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