Sunday, April 19, 2015

Author/Writer Gillian A. Gibson

Gillian A. Gibson (born 1968, Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK) From a young age was always writing little short stories.  In grade one she created her first little book which was published by her school’s library.  Her very own Mr. Man book. Throughout her youth, writing was suggested as therapy and became a driving force to overcome many of life’s obstacles.  In the present day Gillian writes for the sheer enjoyment of it. Inspired by The Keeper of the Quill who runs and writes on The Rivers of Grue blog spot, Gillian promotes freely amongst man other multi-talented writers, artists, singers, actors, voice actors and prolific talented individuals within the horror and indie communities.

Not one to always follow the general writing rules, Gillian is adored and supported by many and in turn does the same for others bringing forth belief in ones self to strive to achieve your goals.

Gillian has been dubbed a “True Angel” for her sharing and supportive talents via Social Media and is always creating new and exciting projects within many genres of Literature references. Gillian currently resides in Canada with her Husband, Todd and her children, Son; Christopher Michael 27, Daughters; Carissa Marie 18 and Caylie Annalise 16.

This is a short Novellette that you can read while waiting for a bus, on the bus or a train on your way to work or an appointment, or while sitting in a waiting room at the doctors or dentist. It is a complete crime fiction story so there is no waiting for the end. You can get right to it and enjoy without having to book mark a page. 

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Step into the Realm that is I Crimson Quintessence. Travel through the links and pages. Read the world of written word. There is something different for everyone.

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