Thursday, April 23, 2015

Petition For the Release of a Director's Cut of Carrie (2013)

There may be a release of a director's cut of Carrie (2013), the remake directed by Kimberly Peirce. The studio cut out 40-45 minutes of footage in the editing room (when it was pushed seven months back) and only 12 minutes of deleted scenes have been seen on the Blu-Ray.

Apparently, this film was heavily subjected to test screenings and focus groups, with test audiences shown several versions of the prom scene. I came across an interesting conversation on one of the fan-pages, and according to someone who saw the early test screening back in December 2012, the original cut of the film was more violent. I believe the film's brutality and gore were toned down during the editing process because of what happened in Sandy Hook. The person claimed that the audience felt a little concerned about the film and what happened in Sandy Hook. The fact that focus groups played a heavy role in the final cut tells me that Kimberly Peirce did not, and certainly not to a degree where she would be able to effectively dictates her vision of what the film ought to be. Between that and the re-shoots, this was not an auteur project, but a studio project. Interesting, huh?

Some of the most notable differences in the director’s cut vs. the theatrical cut are:

A White Commission: Interviews, videos, and testimonies about the prom are placed throughout the movie. This was done in the book and the 2002 NBC remake.

More prom violence: People who went to the test screenings said the cut they saw had more violence. Footage cut includes more scenes of Carrie moving tables and chairs, a scene of someone getting impaled with a star decoration, students doing a crazy type of puppet dance when getting electrocuted, and an alternate shot of Carrie escaping the burning gym.

The town destruction: Carrie setting buildings and cars on fire as she leaves the school and walks through town.
More character development: There was more character development in the original cut. There was a scene with Sue being tormented by her ex-friends about her boyfriend going to prom with Tommy and a scene with Carrie being bullied by Chris in public.

Alternate Endings: There is an alternate ending on the Blu-Ray with Carrie's bloody arm coming out of Sue's vagina while she is giving birth but many others were filmed. One has Sue dying, one has Carrie surviving, one is a sad ending, and two show the town trying to cover up "what really happened".

The studio may eventually release it but the petition needs more signatures. Sites like DreadCentral, ScreenRant, Digital Spy, and BloodyDisgusting shared the petition. Some actors from the film (some who even got their whole scenes cut) responded to fans asking if the film got butchered in the editing room and they said yes. Hopefully it will release soon. The petition is below:

For more information and to sign the petition for the release of a Director’s Cut of the 2013 Carrie DVD/Blu-Ray, please visit:



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    1. Happy to help! Hopefully it will get done!

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