Monday, April 27, 2015

Death for Dummies

Death for Dummies is:

a.) A heart warming tale of how a boy and his dog triumph against adversity.

b.) A romantic tale of two mismatched lovers and how they triumph against adversity.

c.) A satirical take on the classic zombie genre. Paul Shobnall was the first. He didn't know he was the first and probably wouldn't have cared if he had. If he was concerned with anything at all, it was why he couldn't really feel his legs, why his girlfriend didn't seem to want sex with him anymore and why everybody was gripped by mass-hysteria and genertally running around screaming. It was a really odd Monday morning.

With no particular craving for human flesh, or toast, Paul makes his way to his new job and discovers a world in turmoil...

Death for Dummies follows Paul as he struggles to make sense of a post apocalyptic society, while a post apocalyptic society struggles to make sense of the ever increasing dead who continuously block revolving doors and fail to queue in an orderly fashion. A hysterical novel from writer SA Ellis, and a triumph against adversity.

d.) None of these.

Check out a couple of reviews for this book…

"A satirical look at the rise of the living dead that's part horror, part sci-fi and all jet black comedy. Ellis successfully channels Douglas Adams by way of Martin Amis to deconstruct the zombie sub-genre with wit and pathos. Read."

"I really enjoyed Death for Dummies. The premise is fairly low key, but Ellis’ world building is top notch, his zombies do retain the fear factor, and the wit on display made me smile from beginning to end. At just over one hundred pages it’s a fun, quick read. Recommended."

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