Friday, April 10, 2015

The Cliffhouse Haunting

When the Blue Lady Walks...

Since 1887, Cliffhouse Lodge has been famous for its luxurious accommodations, fine dining… and its ghosts. Overlooking Blue Lady Lake, nestled among tall pines, Cliffhouse has just been renovated by its owners, Teddy and Adam Bellamy, and their daughter, Sara.

Cliffhouse has not always been a place of rest and respite, though. Over the years it has served many vices, from rum-running to prostitution – and although the cat houses have been replaced by a miniature golf course and carousel, Cliffhouse retains its dark history; darkest during the Roaring Twenties, when a serial killer called the Bodice Ripper terrorized the town, and a phantom, the Blue Lady, was said to walk when murder was imminent.

Death Walks With Her…

Now, there’s a new killer on the loose, and the Blue Lady sightings have returned. The Bellamys are losing maids, and guests are being tormented by disembodied whispers, wet phantom footprints, and the blood-chilling shrieks of mad laughter that echo through the halls of Cliffhouse in the dead of night.

The little mountain town of Cliffside is the perfect hunting ground for a serial killer… and the Blue Lady. Police Chief Jackson Ballou has bodies piling up, and between the murders and the mysteries, he can hardly pursue his romance with Polly Owen. And Sara Bellamy may lose her true love before they even have their first kiss.

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"Though I've never before read anything by Alistair Cross, this book is very much in line with what I've come to expect from a Tamara Thorne novel. The book is full of fun frights, interesting folklore, and a healthy helping of twisted humor. The fantastic cast of eccentric characters will hold your attention and the plot will keep you guessing. The Cliffhouse Haunting is a thoroughly entertaining read from the first page all the way to its thrilling conclusion. If you are looking for a book to take along on vacation this summer this novel would be a great choice."

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Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross are also the authors of the serial novel, The Ghosts of Ravencrest, as well as the hosts of the successful horror themed radio show Thorne & Cross Haunted Nights LIVE! 

Tamara Thorne is the bestselling author of over one dozen novels published by Kensington Publishing Corporation. Alistair Cross was first published in 2012 by Damnation Books. You may visit Tamara Thorne’s website at You may visit Alistair Cross’s website at

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