Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Night Feature: "The Late Men"

Three haunted lowlifes cross paths in a tomorrow awful beyond our reckoning, and beyond theirs.

Starring: Don Baker, Stephen Cromwell, Tony Murphy, Neil Sheehy, Stephen Murray, Siobhán Callaghan, Lucás McGiolla, Clyde Mowlds, and Andie McCaffrey-Byrne

Directed by: Van Poynton

Written by: Matthew J. Keats, and Van Poynton

Film Threat: "a bleak... ominous... deft... engaging mystery... cinema that affects" –

Film Bizarro: "captivating... atmospheric... stylish... feverish... strokes of brilliance" –

Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Nº 14) director/founder: "a terrifying vision of Ireland as a near future 'cradle of civilization'... in a most daring film... we were so impressed... we invented a new award [Special Award for Innovation in the New Cinema] just for this" (Don Baker also won Best Supporting Actor) –

Nominated: SXSW, Excellence in Title Design 


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