Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Balls for Brooklyn has Wrapped!

We are pleased to announce that Balls for Brooklyn has officially wrapped filming and is now off to the editing phase.

For those of you unfamiliar with the project, Balls for Brooklyn is a short horror/comedy following an enthusiastic Chef Phil as he convinces his coworker Gwain and former friend from the neighborhood Petie to follow him on to culinary greatness in the NYC foodie scene. 

During Chef Phil's manipulation of his new partners things go horribly off course resulting in a to dead call girls and only one way to dispose of the bodies. Balls for Brooklyn! 

The entire film was shot with the help of starring actor and artist Shawn James at his location, The Greenpoint Gallery Studio in Brooklyn NY. 

Gwain played by Fergal Titley is the unwilling partner drug into the situation by Chef Phil's convincing argument that working for themselves is better than working for the man. Gwain also happens to be in need of employment after Chef Phil got them both fired for pissing in the pasta.

Petie played by Jack Gust is introduced as a special fellow Phil and Gwain knew in their youth. His father Dutchy played by Marcus Troy, has just retired from running a very successful fruit empire and left the business to his simple son. Chef Phil seeing opportunity is set on showing Petie the time of his life until he hands over investment capital to open his dream restaurant "Balls for Brooklyn". Now all he has to figure out is how to make Petie forget the horrible pranks he played on him as a young adult. For instance, convincing him to hop on a circus train to see the clowns when in reality it was a boxcar full of lonely hobos. 

Post production on Balls for Brooklyn should take roughly three months and will be hitting the festival circuit immediately after. Please keep an eye or a leg on us through our Facebook page.

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