Monday, April 6, 2015

Nine Eyes

Welcome To Sinner's Wake... 

When a group of five documentary film makers go to the Highlands of Scotland to investigate the legendary Bèist an t-Sluic – the Beast of the Hollow – they think they're made. A drowned church, tales of a water demon that inhabits it, rumours of human sacrifice… it's almost too good to be true. 

It doesn't take them too long to realise that it is. Because the God of Nine Eyes is waiting. 

And it is hungry. 

Check out these awesome reviews...

"Heart-thumping terror from CJ Waller. I enjoyed her earlier Predator X a great deal, and Nine Eyes is, if anything, even better. The remote Scottish highland setting plays host to a typically contemporary group of main characters - a bunch of amateur vloggers seeking out local myths and mysteries to solve and dreaming of hitting the big time. However, the setting becomes weirdly more remote even than it should be. The sense of foreboding is skilfully built as the team find themselves uncomvering more questions than answers. The central mystery of the drowned church - who drowned it and why? - comes to dominate, through the eerie diving sequences to the final, cataclysmic denouement. The author successfully keeps the reader guessing throughout, and to call this a page-turner wouldn't be doing it justice - I tore through it in a day and a half. Five easy stars"

"Finished this in within the day. Brilliant! Great small village feeling, monster myth and locals who all but scream "you b'ain't be from round the parts" in a thick Scots brogue. Stay away from the water!"

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