Monday, April 27, 2015

Exclusive Scene And Poster From Horsehead


Black Fawn Distribution To Release “HORSEHEAD” On DVD, iTunes and Limited Edition Blu-Ray In Canada May 5th, 2015

(Toronto, ON) – Black Fawn Distribution has released an exclusive scene from their highly anticipated horror release HORSEHEAD. The exclusive clip can be viewed below. The company has also unveiled a brand new poster for the film.

The exclusive first look clip can be viewed here:

Pre-orders for the film can be placed here:

Black Fawn Distribution is set to release HORSEHEAD on DVD, iTunes, VOD and Limited Edition Blu-ray in Canada on May 5th, 2015. The film will be released in The United States thorough Artsploitation Films and in Germany via Donau Film.

“HORSEHEAD captured me from the very first frame of the film,” states BFD owner Chad Archibald. “It really is a beautiful nightmare that has been gathering some outstanding reviews from around the world. We’re so honored to be releasing such an amazing piece of horror.”

Directed by up and coming French filmmaker Romain Basset, the film will also mark Black Fawn Distribution’s first foray into HD as the company plans on releasing the film both through iTunes as well as an exclusive 2 disc limited edition Blu-ray release.

Ain’t It Cool News Horror hailed HORSEHEAD as “well acted, gorgeously and nightmarishly executed, and excellently realized,” and that the film “offers a look at dreams like few other films have before.” Twitch Film has called the film “entirely compelling, somehow both enchanting and chilling, filled with strong, provocative imagery and driven by a powerful narrative force” while Scream Magazine named writer/director Romain Basset “a talent to watch."

Black Fawn Distribution’s 2 Disc Limited Edition Blu-ray release promises to include a crystal clear 1080p transfer of the film, a copy of the film’s haunting soundtrack, an hour long behind the scenes documentary featuring cast and crew interviews and the original uncensored trailer. 

Plagued by recurring nightmares since childhood, Jessica has begun studying the psycho-physiology of dreams in an attempt to understand their meaning. When her Grandmother dies,
Jessica returns to her family home in the French countryside, where she receives a muted reception from her icy Mother. After a difficult first night, Jessica becomes feverish and uses her bedridden state to practice the art of lucid dreaming. Jessica soon learns that her Grandmother had been obsessed with the same evil apparition that now haunts her own nightmares. As Jessica's skills as a lucid dreamer improve, she discovers that dark secrets run deep in her bloodline and that they all lead to the monstrous Horsehead.

About Romain Basset:
Born in 1983, Romain Basset has directed three short films and two experimental videos, all of which were well received at film festivals from around the world. Basset’s passion revolves around his love for creating atmospheres and then taking his audience on a trip to these new and surreal places. His visually stimulating cinema quickly attracted the attention of Starfix Productions and, convinced of his raw and promising talent, the production company produced Basset's feature film debut: HORSEHEAD.

About Black Fawn Distribution:
Black Fawn Distribution is an independent Canadian film distributor. Our mission is simply to release the best genre films possible while supporting the filmmakers who spill their blood to make them. From the film’s artwork to the release platforms, we strive to establish a direct working relationship with those most important to the films: The Creators. By establishing a strong organic following, Black Fawn Distribution is a new form of film distribution. For Filmmakers. By Filmmakers. (

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