Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Ending

HAPPY ENDING stars the ravishing ANGE MAYA, who played the titular role (so to speak) in Condit’s last feature, the exotic EMPRESS VAMPIRE. Maya will play MADAM WANG, the sultry Asian proprietress of MADAM WANG’S HOUSE OF HAPPY ENDING (“We love you long time – military discounts”). The story begins when a power outage at a nearby top-secret government installation allows an alien creature to escape from its hermetically sealed, double-paned, bullet-proof glass security enclosure and head for Madam Wang’s, intent on having a night of fun that will have galaxy-wide consequences.

As jiggly lingerie-clad girls slowly start disappearing, the realization that something is terribly wrong begins to dawn on the remaining ladies and their partners for the night. First to catch on is DOC, runner-up for the title of The Most Interesting Man in the World, who stopped by for a visit with Madam Wang before his graveyard shift at the base. When he tells the girls his fears, they snap into action: CANDY, an ex-vice cop turned hooker, whips out her service automatic; voluptuous foody ROXANNE grabs her ever-present cleaver; Asian cougar-showgirl ALICE, draws her Samurai sword; DOMINIQUE, the dominatrix death-goddess, cracks her bullwhip; petite redhead, CINNAMON, straps on her guitar (not much of a weapon, but all she’s got) and MADAM WANG throws a bandolier over her shoulder and cocks her pump-action, 12 gauge shotgun. Aliens beware!

Added to the mix are RICK and STEVE two construction workers from the nearby town. RICK has a heart-on for CANDY, who likes him but isn’t interested in making a commitment and settling down. RICK will do everything in his power to convince CANDY that he’s her man, even doing battle with a ravenous alien life form.

Starring: Jill Evyn, Ange Maya, Victoria De Mare, Dawna Lee Heising, Maria Olsen, Dolores Quintana, Phedra Syndelle, Brad Slaughter, Brad Potts, and Erik A Williams

Written and directed by: Phil Condit

While they are no longer raising money through IndieGoGo, they are trying to raise money to support the movie through their online store. They have T-Shirts, Mouse Pads, Cups, and even a Calendar…

Support the movie by visiting their store today at:

For more information about the movie, please visit:

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