Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trailer Time: "Lights Camera Blood!"

Down on his luck and financially strapped low budget horror filmmaker Mandalor is the laughing stock of the film community. His films are terrible and the contrived, poorly done gore-effects make them unintentional comedies of the cinema.

When he presents his latest effort to sleazy, exploitation film producer Gelstein of Gorrific Pictures with the hopes of getting a distribution deal, he is laughed out of the screening room.

The ever-determined Mandalor, along with his trusty hunch-backed cinematographer Rodney, set out to do another horror film but during the course of filming, as he tries in vain to direct an intoxicated and uncooperative actress he accidentally kills her. Rodney captures the dastardly deed on camera and Mandalor includes the graphic footage in his film and screens it to an impressed and delighted Gelstein who offers him a multi-picture deal to deliver more gore galore! A wretched plan hatches that only filmmakers with “nerves of steel” could carry out. Along with a hatchet or an cleaver...

Starring: Alan MacKenzie, Dan Baker-Moor, Kris Scoran, Heather Russell, Daphne Bradbury, Mat Andre, Shawn Kowalke, and Taggart Porter

Directed by: Kevin Doherty

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