Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jake's Road

Jake’s Road, a full length suspense thriller that descends into horror.  A young man awakens in a hospital bruised and beaten.  He struggles to piece together the events flooding through his mind.  As flashes of a relaxing weekend with friends slowly emerge, so does the horrific image of a killer - creeping ever closer.  Somewhere within the madness is the key to the killer’s identity, but once discovered it may be more horrific than the murders themselves.  Set in rural southern Louisiana ‘Jake’s Road’ is a tale of family and how one moment can rip you apart or bind you forever together. With enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end as we discover what drives a man to kill all he loves and fight for all he has.

Starrring: Eric Roberts, Garrett Hines, Leticia Jimene, Patrick Flanagan, Tim Bell, and Mike Mayhall

Written and directed by: Mike Mayhall 

"Friends meeting at a camp in the woods for a get-together, having a great time until things go awry. I won't give it away, but the suspense takes over and is very intense. Great characters, nice scenery, some nudity. Bloody parts but not too bad as compared to some scary movies I've seen. I love movies that keep me on the edge of my seat and this was one of them."

"Great movie!"

"Wow! What an intense movie. Down to feel comfortable with these characters, then wham...she fear sets in!!! Praiseworthy for a terrifically suspenseful storyline!! A++++"

"Lots of suspense and a great story line.. Keeps your heart pounding the whole way!! A must see if your into fright thrillers!!"

"I reviewed Jake's Road almost exactly a year ago, and I still stand by my opinion today. I rated the movie a 9 out of 10 and even included it as my #3 favorite movie of 2013. So glad it's finally getting a good release. It's a perfect, modern take on a slasher film with great acting and a nonclique storyline. It's worth the purchase because it'll be a movie you'll want to watch again in the future."

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