Monday, March 30, 2015

MOTHER: The Original Arranged Soundtrack Album Kickstarter reaches its goal!

Exciting new stretch goals added!

March 16th 2015, NY -  A MESSAGE FROM SHIP TO SHORE PHONO CO:  "Thank you so much to all the fans who helped us reach our funding goal faster than we ever thought possible! It's truly amazing that this project is going to happen and it's all thanks to you! Yes, you! The person reading this! You're awesome!
It's not going to stop there, though. We don't just want to bring the MOTHER OST to vinyl, we bring to make the MOTHER of all MOTHER OSTs to vinyl. We've come up with some packaging stretch goals that we think you guys are going to love.
If we hit $60,000, we will be able to add an OBI strip (to make the album look and feel like it came out in Japan in 1989), emboss the cover of the album (just like the cover of the Famicom box), and print physical copies of our liner note booklet. Check out the graph below for more information.
Thanks for believing in us!"
Ship to Shore

Highly coveted among fans of the MOTHER series (known as Earthbound in the West), the original soundtrack features arranged versions of the songs from the game. Composed by Keiichi Suzuki (The Moonriders) and Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka (MetroidKid Icarus), the game’s eclectic score also features guests vocalists Catherine Warwick, Louis Philippe, Jeb Million and the St. Pauls Cathedral Choir. The final track, “The World of MOTHER,” contains nearly seventeen minutes of music from the actual Famicom cartridge.

These songs will be remastered specifically for vinyl to ensure that they will sound the best they ever have. In addition, the deluxe gatefold packaging will be something that fans will be able to treasure forever. 

In addition, a digital liner notes booklet in conjunction with Fangamer to supplement the album. In tracking down the original artists and writers who contributed to the album, we've uncovered some real surprises, so fans won't want to miss out on this.

Track listing is as follows:

A1 - Pollyanna (I Believe in You)
A2 - Bein’ Friends
A3 - The Paradise Line
B1 - Magicant
B2 - Wisdom of the World
B3 - Flying Man
B4 - Snow Man
C1 - All That I Needed (Was You)
C2 - Fallin’ Love, And
C3 - Eight Melodies
D1 - The World of MOTHER (Game Music Medley)

You can find the Kickstarter at, and you can follow Ship to Shore PhonoCo on FacebookTwitter & Instagram @stsphonoco and find us on the web at

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