Thursday, March 19, 2015

'Minion' and 'Minion: Root'

"Fantastic read from a amazing up coming author"

"I really liked this book. Great story and interesting characters.”

“I think the author has a great personal style of writing and I can see some real potential. The book is very well written and I enjoyed reading it. I give it five stars out of five!"

Love's ancient foe has found a way to prevail... 

An ancient evil lures Kayden Archer, a well-respected surgeon, loyal husband, and ideal family man, into a career in vigilantism. Following the murder of his wife, Kayden is awarded with supernatural abilities as he disposes of an elite group of villains. 

This preordained crusade is of no secret to Deacon Gregory James who convinces Kayden’s sister, Grace Archer, to join him in stopping Kayden before the prophecy is fulfilled. Will they save the world from the fire or will deception allow this ancient evil to reign free? 

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"The first book was awesome, but this one goes beyond anything I could have imagined. It was the best thriller I have ever read. This book could give you nightmares! It's that good! The author makes you feel like you are in or watching a horror movie as he strategically moves you along the story line."

"Amazing... get ready for a thrilling ride with this sequel. Not a dull moment!"

"Amazing series!! Keeps you on the edge of your seat from page 1!!"

To Those Who Have Been Spared,

A wiser man once told me, the worst mistake Christ made was not documenting the accounts of his life with his own hands. I won’t make the same mistake. I can’t. The world needs to know the sacrifice. They need to bow their heads before every meal, before every rest and thank the person who allowed them to stuff their faces and close their blackened eyes. Forget your Gods and Saints. In this era, you will remember one name:


She gave up her future for you. She was a person of righteous faith in her Lord Christ. To save you all, she murdered me before I had the chance to end my own life, forced to sacrifice her own life to end mine. She is your true savior. I wish it all ended there, but that would have been too convenient for the both of us… Hell is a place where the foulest imaginations become reality. Man’s damned souls are passed around like dolls. Our desires amplified. Our pain intensified. Controlled by the very worst in all of us. As much as it shreds my heart to say, hell is my origin. My place of conception. My root. I know this place. Grace knows this place. We both fear it and so shall you.

Kayden Archer

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