Monday, March 23, 2015

Girls and Corpses Sneak Peak Behind-the-Screams of THE CHAIR

Goes Behind-The Screams on set of THE CHAIR
in which he also plays “Johnny The Janitor”

Watch Behind-The-Screams of The Chair video here :

THE CHAIR stars: Bill Oberst Jr., Tim Muskatell, Noah Hathaway, Naomi Grossman, Zach Galligan, Derrick Damions, Ezra Buzzington, Susan Eisenberg, Kin Shriner, Jacob Banser, Kyle Hester, Tomas Boykin, Christian Hutcherson, Roddy Piper and Robert “Corpsy” Rhine.
Based on the graphic novel THE CHAIR by Peter Simeti (Alterna Comics)
Screenplay by Erin Kohut and Peter Simeti
Directed by Chad Ferrin

“The Chair will fry your brain!”
- Corpsy/Girls and Corpses Magazine

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