Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blood Reservoir

A group of campers set forth on dangerous grounds with several agendas on their minds. Some are going to find romance while others are in search of a lost Indian treasure. However murder, deception, and revenge are the primary motives for one.

Starring: Jonathan Tiersten, Felissa Rose, Frank Sorrentino, Hannah Landberg, John Thomassen, Jessica Mazo, Andi Balser, Edem Kwakumey, Ian Lyons, Nat Sylvia, and introducing Ashley Gladden as Sara.

Written and directed by: Mark Anthony Del Negro

"Great project. Incredible talent in this film. A throw back to 80's slasher. A slasher you won't forget in a hurry. An indie movie that really packs a punch. Check it out if you love slasher will recognise a lot of famous faces."

"I loved every minute of it! Great acting, great directing! A cult classic!"

"Sleazy. Campy. Funny. What's not to love about this film? You must be a true horror fan to understand this film and why it was made. It wasn't made to win awards. It was made to entertain and to add to the horror collection of the endless amount of horror fans everywhere. Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tierston really elevate this movie with their performances. Less than an horror long but enough time to may you rethink about that walk in the woods. I look forward to more from Mark Del Negro and his team."

"Excellent 80's throwback mild horror flick highly recommend! Very similar to classic old school Grindhouse Movies you'd see at a Drive-In for a Matinee. The general idea for this movie is to be gritty and campy from the kind of films you'd watch during sleepovers in the 80's, definitely has that nostalgic VHS feel."

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