Friday, March 20, 2015

Revenge Of The Hamburgers

An animal rights horror-comedy

March 5, 2015, Los Angeles, California: Writer / Director Tom Zarzecki sends a message about the cruelty of meat production and factory farming.

“This horror-comedy is an entertaining way to educate viewers about large-scale farming and eating animals. It's fun for the viewers and benefits the animals.”

About the film:
The movie focuses on Maddy, a ghost cow who leads zombie animals in revolt of a corporate factory farm.  The story also follows Tanya & Alec, whose friendship forms over their compassion for animals as they’re caught in the vengeful chaos. Through various perspectives one thing is for sure - no one wants to be served up for dinner! This movie sends a message about how we treat each other and all living beings. It puts into perspective what so many people choose to ignore about the meat industry If you share these feelings, or just like the idea of supporting a unique and innovative story, help out by visiting their campaign page at spread the word!

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