Monday, March 30, 2015

Ghostcom Ghost Communicator App

Ghostcom Ghost Communicator is a truly remarkable application which attempts to receive messages from the spirit world. 

Simply place your finger within the on-screen circle and leave it there until instructed otherwise.

After removing your finger a personal message will gradually appear over the following minute or so. If no spirits are detected you will be instructed to try later.

Ghostcom is a professional quality application and a valuable addition to any ghost hunter’s arsenal. Great for Halloween parties!

Use often to uncover a few hidden surprises!

Ghostcom works by utilizing randomization based algorithms. Some people believe that these algorithms are susceptible to manipulation by forces yet to be understood by science. As this is not currently possible to verify scientifically we ask that you use this app responsibly and for entertainment purposes only. The creators of
Ghostcom will not be held responsible for any consequences that may arise during or after the use of this application.

If you are easily scared and of a nervous disposition we advise that you do not use this application.


Whats new in 1.0.4:
• Less chance of words overlapping.
• Fixed issue causing some older devices to crash.
• Added Twitter support.
• General bug fixes.

"IF YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS This app is FOR REAL!!!! I've used it many times and it does work. If you are easily scared by the paranormal, then don't get this,because the spirit folks will come to you to speak!"

"Awesome Love this app. I love the supernatural and this Is the best app that really works"

"Great Fun! Really gets you thinking sometimes as to how words apply to your life. Awesome with friends too!"

Click here to get the app today!

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