Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Am Maker

If power corrupts, then what would happen if you could do anything?  What if you could manipulate the minds of those around you? What if you could manipulate the relationship between energy and matter? What if there was no one on this Earth that could stop you? Look in the mirror.  Look carefully at what you see in the reflection.  Do you sense the presence? You need to ask yourself two vital questions.  Take a deep breath and be honest.
1) If you could do anything, would you be able to face the reflection that peers back at you from inside the mirror?  
2) And this is the decisive one…Are you the Maker?

One man is about to confront these two questions in the quaint village of Rock Beach, Maine.   Not everyone will survive the answers.

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"What a refreshing view on the time-honored story of good versus evil. I really liked how the characters were fully developed - our hero has a dark side, and I even had moments of empathy for our antagonist. The story does get violent and is a little racy at points, but it all worked together to develop a brooding atmosphere in the normally quaint coastal village. When I grabbed the book and snuggled up on the sofa, my intention was to read until my shows came on at 8:00. When I finally took a deep breath and put the book down, it was just after midnight and I was finished. What can I say - I hope the author comes out with a sequel. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who likes King, Clark, Bently Little or Koontz.”

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